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5/8/2015 Louisville, Kentucky

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Here is the set from tonight's show. Almost no banter from Jeff due to what I think was a pretty tight schedule. Great show all in all!

Less than you think

Handshake drugs


I Am Trying To Break Your heart

Art of almost.



Sunken treasure

Secret of the sea

Heavy metal drummer.

I'm the man who loves you

Either way

Hotel Arizona.

Jesus etc.

Born alone

Via Chicago

Airline to heaven.

Impossible Germany

Box full of letters

Too far apart

Red eyed blue/I got you

Dawned on me


I'm a wheel.

A shot in the arm

California stars

Too far apart

War on war

New Madrid

Give back the key to my heart


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Too Far Apart was played during the second (hootenanny) encore. The first encore was Kingpin and I'm A Wheel. Everything from Shot In The Arm forward is second encore. Really great crowd sing-along tonight. You can tell this town loves Wilco.


And it was Camera. Have they played Kamera since Winterlude?

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Louisville shows never get much posting on this board.  Strange.


Fun set in a great venue, with a great crowd, and great company for the evening.  Nice extended hootenanny at the end.


Despite my enthusiasm and imploring to hear "Bull Black Nova", it was once again omitted from the setlist.  I held up a pretty big sign about 5-6 songs into the set, to which Jeff replied (something along the lines of) "I see your sign, but I'm afraid that one's not in our repertoire this evening.  I hope you can enjoy the show anyway.  And I know you requested that song 240 times on our website, but we don't reward that kind of chicanery around here." 


Setting the record straight, I only requested it 80 or 90 times on the website, maybe 100 tops.  I blame Atticus for the rest.


The sign will be back for SSF.  I'm not easily deterred. 

I still can't believe I got diss'ed in favor of some other request and a happy birthday shout out for "Mike the sexy librarian."  Good grief. 

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After the show I bet my buddy he wouldn't go hit on John Asher, the Churchill Downs spokesman and Louisville semi-legend. My hetero-married buddy was inebriated and immediately got up and walked over and started talking to him while the rest of us laughed our asses off. At one point he touched John's chest gently...turns out he was just chatting but hilarious nonetheless.


Loved the show too. My third Wilco concert. The first was the tour supporting Summer Teeth at Headliners and I didn't know much about them at the time. Safe to say that they're my favorite band still releasng music. One of only two or three that I will buy an entire new CD without hearing some of it first.  My girlfriend says she always like them but they sound even better live. Thanks for a great Friday night!!

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