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WFUV to broadcast Friday night set

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Wilco 6-26-15 Solid Sound Festival (from the WFUV stream)


Main Set (acoustic)

Misunderstood (12 nothings)

War on War

I'm Always in Love

Company in my Back


Bull Black Nova

Handshake Drugs

Hesitating Beauty

She's a Jar

One Wing


New Madrid

Forget the Flowers

It's Just That Simple

Airline to Heaven :badger

Dawned on Me

I Got You (at the End of the Century)

Passenger Side

Outta Mind (Outta Site)

Happy Birthday (to Matrix)

Whole Love

Jesus, Etc.


The Thanks I Get

Theologians :stunned

Shot in the Arm


Encore (acoustic)

True Love Will Find You In The End :thumbup

We've Been Had

Casino Queen

Hoodoo Voodoo

I'm a Wheel

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Assuming it is similar to other 20th anniversary shows where Pat is on banjo and nels on dobro.

Correct. Pat and Mike also both played melodica at times, Pat played glockenspiel, Nels played dobro, mandolin, Steel and Spanish guitar. John played acoustic bass, 6 string and (I think) 12 string.

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Is there a chance anyone got a capture of the stream?  It would be so much appreciated by those of us stuck working... mostly me.

Yes, the stream was captured. There were a handful of signal dropouts early on but after that it sounded great.

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