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Tweedy w/Jeff Tweedy & Friends - Solid Sound Night 3, Sunday 28th June 2015

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I may as well post this as I've just finished off preparing my torrent for future upload.


All in all excellent festival closing set from the Tweedy Band w/ Jeff & assorted friends. Roll on 2017....


1.     hazel

2.     fake fur coat

3.     diamond light pt.1

4.     flowering

5.     world away

6.     new moon

7.     summer noon

8.     honeycombed

9.     desert bell

10.  high as hello

11.  wait for love

12.  love like a wire

13.  low key

14.  nobody dies anymore

15.  remember the mountain bed

16.  please tell my brother

17.  summerteeth

18.  pecan pie

19.  the ruling class

20.  chinese apple w/glenn kotche & ryley walker

21.  too far apart

22.  into the groove w/nels cline & cibo matto

23.  grandpa was a carpenter w/felice brothers

24.  harvest moon w/luluc

25.  be not so fearful w/john stirratt & patrick sansone

26.  i’m the man who loves you

27.  you’re not alone

28.  only the lord knows

29.  god w/bill frisell

30.  the losing end

31.  give back the keys to my heart w/mike jorgensen

32.  california stars



Tweedy Band

Jeff Tweedy - vocals & guitar

Spencer Tweedy - drums & backing vocals

Darin Grey - bass

Jim Elkington - guitar & backing vocals

Liam Cunningham - keyboards, guitar & backing vocals


Sima Cunningham - backing vocals


Tracks 1 - 9 Tweedy Band

Tracks 10 - 14 Tweedy Band w/Sima Cunningham

Tracks 15 - 26 Jeff solo or with listed guests

Tracks 27 - 32 Tweedy Band with Sima Cunningham and various listed guests

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Incredible show, especially Mountainbed and Please Tell My Brother, and the last half dozen songs. Nice meeting Donna and seeing David (bobdylansbeard) again.

Yeah, great seeing you! Funny too as I spotted you Friday, found a spot that happened to be behind you on Saturday, and then on Sunday I was a bit behind you and to the right too, but I wasn't able to wave to you. Great shows all in all.

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Sima Cunningham's backing vocals were just gorgeous. Sunday afternoon was full of lovely surprises. Kinda bummed to miss Felice Bros (didn't get word that they changed location and time) but my fault for not doing much social media, I guess. Still get a smile on my face remembering Cibo Matto singing Madonna with Jeff. :)

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I noticed this too and was hoping for it. Previously they did have some strong performers for the song. Levon...Mavis. Who sang it the other year?


it was part of the covers set. Holly and Jess from Lucius sat in. 

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I don't get the status of The Weight. Is it considered the best rock song ever?

It does have a timeless feel to it, but I'm glad they broke with that particular tradition. It made sense the first year with Mavis and it made great sense the second year with Levon, but I didn't think it made sense in 2013, since that song is not particularly associated with Wilco. California Stars is a more anthemic choice, I think, if they're looking for a traditional closer.

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it was part of the covers set. Holly and Jess from Lucius sat in.
Ah yes, that's right. I was trying to place it on the last night not the first.


The Weight is an awesome song, but it's hard to top the original. Most covers cannot do it justice. Smart for Wilco do go with California Stars.


It was beautiful, and as we sang along, I slowly surveyed the crowd and stage one last time to take it all in. I was near tears because it's a beautiful thing being there with everyone at Solid Sound. Looking forward to California Stars two years from now.

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