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Live Stream Of Wilco @ Pitchfork Fest Playing New Album Start To Finish Fri. 7/17 @ 8:30 CST/ 9:30 EST

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Wonder if that Goldtop is Allman's. Nels borrowed it before.


Can anyone confirm?   I was in Macon, GA at the Allmans Museum three weeks ago and the wear patterns on the one Nels is playing don't look like the one they have on display in Macon.  Maybe Duane had more than one Goldtop and the one they loan out isn't the one they keep on display at the museum.  

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Wow! That was the most beautiful thing that I've seen and heard in awhile. It still feels very surreal. 3 weeks ago tonight we were getting the Acoustic set. Who knew that we'd be here tonight experiencing this?


Jeff looks extremely happy!

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That was pretty great. Super gutsy thing for a band to do that at that big of a headlining festival set.

Certainly takes some chutzpah.  


At first I wondered about this strategy of dumping the album with no pre-press or singles etc.... but now it seems pretty brilliant.

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jeebus jeebus jeebus:


A door closes, another just opened

in a little more than 24 hours


a chapter ends, no, an entire novel


but the storytellers are just getting



and the story

you thought you knew

is just now



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I really hope Random Name Generator is a new staple to their live set.  The guitar interplay at the end... I need it. I need more. I really wish the guitar playing at the end of the song on the live version had been included on the record.  Seems like they toned it down a tad.

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