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Wilco webcast right now Outside Lands.....

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Edit: This sound mix is quite amazing! You could really hear Mikael on You Satellite more than Pitchfork which was actually 3 weeks ago tonight. Weird! This is becoming a nice pattern.

It looks like this is running 9-1015 EST.

Set so far:
(More…assuming it was played)
Random Name Generator (caught tail end of this)
The Joke Explained
You Satellite
Taste The Ceiling
Pickled Ginger
Where Do I Begin
Cold Slope
King Of You
Handshake Drugs
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Art Of Almost
Via Chicago
Box Full Of Letters
Heavy Metal Drummer
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Impossible Germany



It looks like it's being rebroadcast at 1150 EST on their Channel 2. 

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Ugh & argh!! Missed this one... hope someone captured the stream broadcast & we get a shared file...and St. Vincent was on just before them too!!!

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It was. I'm downloading it from dimeadozen.org right now.

You are the man Colonel. I'm sure it'll be out there...but, if it's possible to share via Dropbox (a la the Pitchfork Fest Files, video & audio, that were shared here previously) that many here, myself included, without dime accounts, would be very grateful...

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uh oh.

The link is back up & working again... assume you've already gotten the Pitchfork Fest (sound mix wasn't terrible at Outside Land, but Pitchfork was way better...but for anyone else who might have missed it...



and the audio files from Pitchfork: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kubfj9ucbri6gqy/AACUkz5GiRPvjNz4EG2A8xg9a?dl=0

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