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Wilco mention in the Lefsetz Letter

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Lefsetz has been writing about the music industry for many years. It used to be an industry only blog so you had to pay for it but it became free several years ago. He's really good at stirring the pot and pissing industry types off.

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FYI the link here is not to the same Lefsetz article referenced earlier- here's the Wilco mention I'm referring to-
"Brands kill bands. But businessmen love to commission and players are so angry no one knows them they tie in with corporations to get ahead but they’re being left behind. Your best hope is to align yourself with those who care, your fans, who will ensure longevity if you play it right. Best example, Wilco. The press loves them, their fans do too, and nobody who doesn’t care already ever will. This is the modern paradigm. Just as long as you’re willing to be Wilco. (And no amount of press about their free album in an era where everything is free and Jeff Tweedy’s album with his son will make anybody listen to the music who hasn’t been listening already. This is akin to Phish. It’s the same damn 20k at every gig. We know who the band is, we don’t want to go. But Phish is rich on the backs of these fans. And their business sustains without media attention. And both Wilco and Phish have never sold out and their careers have lasted decades when popsters can’t draw an audience a year after their last hit.)"

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I guess I should have titled the thread "this article says something nice about Wilco but feel free to find other issues with it"  :dontgetit

 Sorry, no offense meant.  I agree with what he has said. Respect should be paid to Wilco & Phish for redefining how a band can be successful in the music business, however harder it might be these days.

It's just he just had a lot of different thoughts within one set of parentheses. :shifty 

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