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Join Jeff Tweedy and Nels Cline for a reddit AMA in /r/Music tomorrow, September 1 at 6pm Central time

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Is this the kind of thing that will be available to read later if I can't be at my computer at the appointed time?  My only question would be whether there's plans for any Northeast (Boston) shows this year.  Actually, it would be less question and more begging.  I guess I would also ask what the legal rights issue is with W(TA), though I doubt they would answer.

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I don't know if he's said it before but I enjoyed hearing that Nobody Dies anymore was was written after watching a scientist claiming that the first person to live to 1000 years old was already alive today. Overall some pretty good stuff.


Yeah, i liked that answer too. :yes

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I loved Jeff's answers, both the thoughtful, serious ones and the funny ones. One of my favorite exchanges was when someone asked him how he maintains a personal, intimate connection with his fans now that the fanbase is so much larger. He said:


I only worry about maintaining the personal and intimate connections I have with my family and friends and stay somewhat removed from the notion of fans. More of an abstract thing. Till I meet you then I hope we're just two people.

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