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9/19/15 Wilco TURF Festival Fort York Toronto Ontario Canada

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Wilco played Saturday night at TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival). They came out onto the East Main Stage at around 6:40. Although it had been a windy and rainy afternoon, Wilco started their set in sunset sunshine and were perfectly timed to finish their set in darkness. I will write another post with more details and thoughts....

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Pretty enjoyable set. It was nice to finally hear the Star Wars tracks live.

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Festival set - 21 songs or so. Brilliant sun to start the set after downpour darkness and wind in the afternoon. Highlights - Random Name Generator and Handshake Drugs. Coulda' went longer but again, a festival set, Very little banter - except a bit about the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern  - saw them in 1997 touring Being There.

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From Wilco's facebook page:


TURF | Toronto, ON

01 - More...
02 - Random Name Generator
03 - The Joke Explained
04 - You Satellite
05 - Taste the Ceiling
06 - Pickled Ginger
07 - Where Do I Begin
08 - Cold Slope
09 - King of You
10 - Magnetized
11 - Handshake Drugs
12 - Art of Almost
13 - I'm Always In Love
14 - Box Full of Letters
15 - Heavy Metal Drummer
16 - I'm the Man Who Loves You
17 - Dawned On Me
18 - Impossible Germany
19 - The Late Greats

20 - Red Eyed and Blue
21 - I Got You (At the End of the Century)
22 - Outtasite (Outta Mind)

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Regrets, I have a few, but then again....(missed them at The Horseshoe Tavern department) - first time I saw Wilco was opening for R.E.M. at Ontario Place in 1999.


But back to thinking about Saturday evening at TURF - Fort York Toronto....


I thought that Jeff had a smile on his face most of the time. Suspect that we provided the humour - a wet, muddy, soggy sight we must have been.


The show was one treat after another..- Star Wars continues to be wonderful to listen to...( it has been my soundtrack to the summer, forgiving them for providing NO sneak preview at Solid Sound - will teach me to not be from Chicago_


Some concert quibbles though, Pat's guitar seemed lost in "Satellite" and I love that orbiting lick AND Nels' guitar seemed lost in "King of You" and I think that intense screaming guitar sound makes the song on the recording. 


I thought the setlist was perfect for a festival. Wilco tore the cover off the ball and blew the roof off of the place (mixed metaphor #32). My wife overheard somebody walking away from the stage afterwards saying " that was my first Wilco show and they were incredible!" I wish I had heard that - I would have responded I have lost track of how many Wilco shows I have seen, maybe 13*, but they keep delivering the incredible, so first timer, welcome aboard...


Did the math - subtract the Tweedy and the Jeff Tweedy and the Jeff and friends Sundays at SS - Wilco at TURF was my 15th time....not that I was in need of rejuvenating - but they are inspiring and providing fresh energy and wonder... I enjoyed Sunday at TURF (Ron Sexsmith, Lord Huron, Neko Case and The Pixies) but caught myself a few times wondering where Wilco was and how close to show time in Ottawa it was from time to time..

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