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YOUR "Best of 2015" Spotify playlists: post 'em here

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As the year is not over yet, this is not a complete list, but rather, a "so far" compilation.

But, I'll keep updating it and I hope that you'll share yours too.



Hope you dig it and maybe find something you like that you hadn't heard yet.



Oh yeah, also some of my favorite songs of the year are not even on Spotify. But this will have to do.

Share yours?

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It'll be worth it, though, in the long run. Some day, when you're a grandfather, you'll look back on this day and tell your baker's dozen grandkids all about "the day Lammy turned me on to that ol' Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats album. For free...."

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This is my Summer 2015 playlist. Not comprehensive, just new songs that struck me and that I added to this list as I heard them. I'd planned on doing this for each season, but it may be easier as an annual list going forward. (Ignore the B52s, which I included before abandoning the idea of including "I forgot about that song" songs.)

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does Spotify keep crashing for anyone else?

I kept bombing out of it last week while trying to make a playlist, so i uninstalled and re-installed. that worked.



but trying to play songs today had the program crash twice during playback... aggravating to say the least, as i pay for the stupid thing.

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