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Tweedy/Wilco in Fargo TV show?

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Tonight's episode has the distinct voice of Mr. Tweedy covering "Let's Find Each Other Tonight" by Jose Feliciano.


Anyone know anything more about this?


Was odd as the show is usually pretty authentic to the time period (1979) with pop culture references.

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As a Minnesotan, I always feel like I need to point out that we don't actually talk like that...well, most of us don't. Unless, of course, one's having a boring day at their job that requires them to be on the phone with people from other states. In that case, a working knowledge of the "hotdish and lemon bars in the Lutheran church basement" language can be highly entertaining!  :lol

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Its an amazing. Fantastic Show

Agreed plots, and subplots sometimes intertwining yet it all comes together. In addition the richness of the character portrayals and the real depth of the seemingly one dimensional actor (Ted Dansons son in law) is great.

Lastly the sarcasism of both Danson and not so low key bad boy from Kansas is great too!

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