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Which bands/artist have best B-sides and Non-Album Tracks

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The Beatles (check out the Past Masters collections. Thing is, you know all those songs so well already, that you don't think of them as non-album tracks and B-sides)

Super Furry Animals


Yo La Tengo

Guided By Voices

Uncle Tupelo


Hüsker Dü

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I totally agree with Oasis circa Definitely Maybe/What's The Story Morning Glory. Some of those b-sides are better than some of the album tracks!


Calexico has a lot of very good non-album stuff, particularly covers they have done for tribute albums.

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Pearl Jam - used to have tons of great b-sides and outtakes. Almost nothing has leaked from their last few albums however,

Soul Asylum - especially early/mid-1990s they had enough material to fill 2 or 3 good albums.

Mazzy Star has some good non-album material too, but not a prolific amount

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Tom Petty.  3 discs of his Playback box set are entirely non-album tracks and its filed with great great stuff.


Disc four: The Other Sides
  1. "Casa Dega" (Petty, Campbell) – 3:37
  2. "Heartbreakers Beach Party" (Petty) – 1:57
  3. "Trailer" (Petty) – 3:15
  4. "Cracking Up" (Nick Lowe) – 3:34
  5. "Psychotic Reaction" (live) (Ken Ellner, Roy Chaney, Craig Atkinson, John Byrne, John Michalski) – 4:49
  6. "I'm Tired Joey Boy" (live) (Van Morrison) – 3:42
  7. "Lonely Weekends" (live) (Charlie Rich) – 2:47
  8. "Gator on the Lawn" (Petty) – 1:35
  9. "Make That Connection" (Petty, Campbell) – 5:04
  10. "Down the Line" (Petty, Lynne, Campbell) – 2:53
  11. "Peace in L.A." (Peace Mix) (Petty) – 4:43
  12. "It's Rainin' Again" (Petty) – 1:32
  13. "Somethin' Else" (live) (Sharon Sheeley, Eddie Cochran) – 2:05
  14. "I Don't Know What to Say to You" (Petty) – 2:28
  15. "Kings Highway" (live) (Petty) – 3:30
Disc five: Through the Cracks
  1. "On the Street" (Benmont Tench) – 2:10
  2. "Depot Street" (Petty) – 3:26
  3. "Cry to Me" (Bert Russell) – 3:06
  4. "Don't Do Me Like That" (Mudcrutch version) (Petty) – 2:47
  5. "I Can't Fight It" (Petty) – 3:00
  6. "Since You Said You Loved Me" (Petty) – 4:40
  7. "Louisiana Rain" (original version) (Petty) – 4:22
  8. "Keeping Me Alive" (Petty) – 2:59
  9. "Turning Point" (Petty) – 2:52
  10. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (demo) (Petty, Campbell) – 4:11
  11. "The Apartment Song" (demo) (Petty) – 2:37
  12. "Big Boss Man" (Al Smith, Luther Dixon) – 2:41
  13. "The Image of Me" (Wayne Kemp) – 2:33
  14. "Moon Pie" (Petty) – 1:05
  15. "The Damage You've Done" (country version) (Petty) – 3:16
Disc six: Nobody's Children
  1. "Got My Mind Made Up" (original version) (Petty) – 2:51
  2. "Ways to Be Wicked" (Petty, Campbell) – 3:27
  3. "Can't Get Her Out" (Petty) – 3:11
  4. "Waiting for Tonight" (Petty) – 3:30
  5. "Travelin'" (Petty) – 3:15
  6. "Baby, Let's Play House" (Arthur Gunter) – 2:33
  7. "Wooden Heart" (Bert Kaempfert, Kay Twomey, Fred Wise, Ben Weisman) – 2:09
  8. "God's Gift to Man" (Petty) – 4:18
  9. "You Get Me High" (Petty) – 2:48
  10. "Come on Down to My House" (Petty) – 3:05
  11. "You Come Through" (Petty, Campbell) – 5:15
  12. "Up in Mississippi Tonight" (Petty) – 3:28
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To me the best B side ever is:


Led Zeppelin


Hey Hey What Can I Do.

It's a toss-up between that and The Beatles - "Rain"

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To me the best B side ever is:


Led Zeppelin


Hey Hey What Can I Do.


Best Double 45 ever was:


Paper Lace


Billy Don't be a Hero / The Night Chicago Died

My favorite double 45 was Wings:


Band on the Run

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five


Borrowed it from my sister when I was 8. Still got it.

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I could never figure out how Sugar's "The Needle Hits E" was a b-side. Much better than "Fortune Teller ".

100% yes!

That is right up there in the top 10. For sure.

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The Smashing Pumpkins/billy corgan.


Bob dylan

This is where I was going to go. The Mellon Collie B-Sides were another 3 full albums worth of good material. I had some great Pumpkins bootlegs back in the day. Billy's at home demos near the top of the list.

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