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Suggestions to replace a dying 160gb iPod Classic?

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How does that work with cell service? Up here, in cities you'd be fine, but highways between cities generally have large pockets with poor service or no service at all. Which is the times I need my iPod more than ever.

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Cell service hasn't been a problem, although if I'm going on a long trip I may download a few albums before I go, or bring the big ipod.


I used Google Play music for awhile, but found it was glitchy on Mac/iOS.  Actual playback worked well, but the navigation/interface was difficult.  It kept putting duplicates of albums in my account, and would do annoying stuff like combining the Beatles' and Replacements' "Let It Be" into one album, or swapping album artwork.  And reissues seemed to blow its mind.  Hard to complain when it's free, though.

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I just use my phone as my iPod now. I put a 256gb memory card into my Samsung Galaxy S9 and so far I like it better than any other setup I've ever had. I use VLC media player to organize and play the library.

Why do you like it better?

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