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New Robyn Hitchcock album will feature Pat Sansone

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Several musicians, most of whom are Nashville based, will make an appearance on the next Robyn Hitchcock album -for the purpose of this forum I decided to highlight the name of Pat Sansone.


Although a few of the album's songs are already streaming in demo mode in several websites, and are being played live in concert by both Hitchcock and Australian singer Emma Swift, little is known of the album, except that it's being finished later in the year and that it's being written and recorded in Nashville, TN with Brendan Benson as producer.


This article from early June mentions Sansone as one of the collaborators:


"Hitchcock has recruited some Nashville-based musicians, including guitarist Anne McCue, pedal-steel player Russ Pahl and Wilco’s Pat Sansone (who’s a neighbor of Hitchcock’s) to sing harmonies along with (Emma) Swift".


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Robyn Hitchcock has moved to Nashville.


He does a lot of traveling: England, Australia (even South Africa in the last few months) and then across the United States (i.e. Seattle) but his residence for the time being is Nashville where he's writing/recording the album.

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Huge Robyn Hitchcock fan here. I'm really looking forward to the new album. I thought his last couple have been pretty lackluster, so I'm glad he's relocated and got Emma on board - hopefully we'll get something in the vein of 2004's excellent, Spooked.

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