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Wilco — 10 July 2016, Dublin, Ireland (Iveagh Gardens)

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A mist of rain, alternately lighter and heavier at times, fell over Dublin's Iveagh Gardens during Wilco's final show of this summer's European tour, but that didn't seem to bother its frontman all that much. Actually, he thought it kind of fitting. "I think this is appropriate weather for a Wilco show," Jeff Tweedy observed after Jesus, etc. "It always feels bad to bum people out when it's sunny."


Jeff needn't have worried too much about the sun rearing its ugly head on this night. Indeed, the weather conditions made it feel more like an early spring or late autumn gig but that didn't keep the band from putting on probably the best overall show of the four I saw on this run. Maybe other shows had a better setting or better audience participation, but none combined a stronger performance by the band with better sound and just better overall energy. So although you couldn't have blamed the band (and crew) for being a bit knackered after more than three weeks on the road, this two-hour, four-minute show was as good a way as any to wrap things up.


Of course, it was fun to see the band come back out after the hootenanny for a (brief) second encore. I feel like that had happened at least once before, but it's certainly not a common occurrence. Maybe Pat needed to get the windmills out of his system before getting on the plane back home... :rock


The hootenanny itself was also a highlight, though I do wonder how well people toward the back of the relatively large open lawn could hear the unplugged set. Jeff even asked at one point if everyone could hear OK, though I don't know what he would have done if a big 'No' cry had emanated from the back. At any rate, toward the front, the stripped-down set worked best and almost certainly had the best crowd participation of any I saw on this run, even if we didn't get any different acoustic songs than the band has been performing (I thought we might get Space Oddity or something as a kind of sendoff for the tour).


Who knows where we'll go with Star Wars from here, especially if another record is announced or released in the coming months, but as much as I've missed songs such as Taste The Ceiling and Magnetized on this tour, it's a bit comforting to realize that the excellent pairing of Cold Slope>King Of You and the punkish vibe of Pickled Ginger will probably remain setlist staples for years to come, even when people are recalling (and not bemoaning) the days when SW was played in its entirety to start shows.


Not a tremendous amount from Banter Corner, but Jeff did have a bit of fun with a woman in the front row who had her fingers in her ears on and off during the early part of the set, but particularly during the feedback coda of Handshake Drugs. A couple of songs later, Wilco's tour manager even came down and personally delivered a pair of earplugs to the woman. Upon seeing this, Jeff quipped, "Don't ever let it be said that Wilco doesn't care. We care about your hearing, but that's it." I suppose one way to get Jeff's attention from the front row, apart from recording video on one's phone, is to appear to be suffering extreme aural discomfort. :lol


Other banter included Jeff's first check-in with the crowd after Hummingbird. "Hello Dublin," he said. "My father says hi. He thinks he's Irish. I don't think we are, but I guess everyone sort of is." In the end, after a rather rough week at home (though neither Wilco nor support act Lucinda Williams explicitly mentioned the tumult), maybe we could all use a bit more Irish civility — and of course a pint or three of the black stuff probably wouldn't hurt either. :beer


Here was the complete setlist, as played (didn't get a look at a printed setlist tonight, so I'm not sure if the second encore was planned or not or if there were any omissions/changes):



Random Name Generator

The Joke Explained

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart>

Art Of Almost

Pickled Ginger


Handshake Drugs

Cold Slope>

King Of You

Via Chicago

Spiders (Kidsmoke) (electric arrangement)

Jesus, etc.

Box Full Of Letters

Heavy Metal Drummer>

I'm The Man Who Loves You

Dawned On Me

Impossible Germany

The Late Greats



It's Just That Simple*

War On War*

I'm Always In Love*

California Stars*

A Shot in the Arm*


I'm A Wheel


* — performed hootenanny style with band on acoustic instruments

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Just a quick follow-up to say that it was cool to see Wilco and Lucinda finally share the same stage. Not totally sure if it was the first time, but if not, then it has certainly been a good while. If memory serves, Lucinda was supposed to open for the Tweedy band at the Taste of Chicago a couple of years ago (or was it just last year?) before the show was unceremoniously cancelled due to rain that never really seemed to arrive.


Anyway, in Dublin, she played almost exactly an hour, backed by her veteran band of Butch Norton on drums, Stuart Mathis on guitar and David Sutton on bass.


For anyone who cares, here was Lucinda's complete setlist as played:



Real Live Bleeding Fingers And Broken Guitar Strings

Drunken Angel


Changed The Locks


Unsuffer Me


Honey Bee


Rockin' in the Free World [Neil Young]

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Great gig. Beautiful venue in the heart of Dublin. Trees lined on each side of the makeshift arena made for good shelter and kept the acoustics pretty spot-on.


The Star Wars material really came to the fore for me in their live versions and there was a good smattering of classics as well.


The acoustic set was a big surprise for me. I had seen a few set lists but hadn't been aware there was an acoustic set. But very much a pleasant surprise.


Hope they're back again next year to tour the new album. Fingers crossed for a return to the two-night Vicar St set-up...

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Does anyone know if this is hitting the Roadcase series in the Wilco store or if anyone was taping at the gig?


Here's a link to the Dublin recording seeded at db.etree.org.

(Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it won't show up in the Roadcase as the band's "house taper" was not present this European tour. I hope I'm wrong though.)

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Thanks Samuel70! Have every Wilco gig I've seen in Ireland now. Sadly no taping has turned up for last year's Tweedy show in Vicar St though. Still have that gap to fill!


There were two different sources uploaded to Dime following the Dublin show, I assume both have dropped off the tracker due to extended period of inactivity. Not sure if I downloaded either. 

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