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Minneapolis Show to be broadcast and streamed live

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Minnesota Star Tribune article:





"Schmilco” is decidedly mellow and semi-acoustic, with not one song longer than four minutes.


The tracks on “Schmilco,” he said, “were a lot of songs that Jeff had pretty well formed on his own, with some input here and there from Glenn [Kotche, drummer], but the rest of us only kind of came in at the end to do our thing. There are a few tracks we did as a full ensemble, but not nearly as much as on ‘Star Wars’ or most of our other records. It was interesting — almost liberating — to do it that way, with the songs already well-shaped.”


Stirratt underlined their continued brotherhood when he laughingly tried to explain the band’s rather absurd album titles of late. 

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More info on the stream from the newsletter today:




No luck getting tix to Chicago? We've got two options for you:


1. Head HERE for details on how to win a pair to the sold out show (+ a bonus $50 gift card to Toast)


2. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and tune into The Current this Saturday, Aug. 20 at 7p CT for a live broadcast of the band's show from Minneapolis' Hall's Island.

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Kurt Vile is on stage now, but is not being broadcast. The radio stream is smooth. I heard R.E.M.'s Fall On Me and a Kurt Vile studio track. DJ just said that they expect Wilco to come out at 7:20 CST (8:20EST). They promised an interview with Jeff Tweedy before Wilco comes out. Great station!

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Great stream!  I even got it to feed through my new smart TV, which I'n not used to yet, but has some good speakers attached!  Yesssss!  


The Star Wars songs sound even punchier than they did at the shows they streamed last summer!


I also like that I know when I can leave the stream for a minute because the set list is already clear.


Agree, lost highway!  This sounds terrific!

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I did...then click on The Current from the dropdown? i get a "waiting for" message that eventually goes away with nothing ever starting up.

Have you tried it in the the box below Start New Stream? It shows The Band's The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (last song played before EKG) and Radio Free Current next to On Air Now. 


My stream did just pause for 5 seconds during Impossible Germany, but I didn't miss anything. 

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I had to click "Start New Live Stream" on the menu tab, and then press "play" inside the on-air box (where it says "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"). After a brief radio ID, the stream started and has been flawless ever since. Were you able to get it going, Donna?

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