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Wilco — 31 August 2016, Boise, ID (Morrison Center for the Performing Arts)

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I wasn't there myself, unfortunately, but it looks like the stripped-down Schmilco tour is officially underway! Will be interesting to see how things evolve. Perhaps someone who was there can report more on the stage setup (a picture that was sent to me showed Glenn, Mike and Pat all playing without their usual risers, for example, and that big cabinet amp that Jeff has used the past year is gone — as expected).

Anyway, from a photo of the printed setlist, it looks like here's what was played (yay Pick Up The Change!):

If I Ever Was A Child
Cry All Day
The Joke Explained
Someone To Lose
War On War
Impossible Germany
Pick Up The Change
I'm Always In Love
Passenger Side
Whole Love
Jesus, etc.
Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
Shrug And Destroy
We Aren't The World (Safety Girl)
The Late Greats
Via Chicago
California Stars
It's Just That Simple
We've Been Had
Christ For President
A Shot in the Arm

[EDIT: On printed setlist, but apparently not played. Can anyone definitely confirm?]:
Airline To Heaven
Dawned On Me

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That's one of the better Wilco setlists I've seen in a long time, mostly because of all the new songs. Wish I'd have seen it. Yeah, had Airline To Heavan and Kamera been played, the setlist would deserve a 5-star rating for sure.


Jesus Christ For President is the perfect song for right now. Should open or close EVERY show from now until the election.

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If someone could please confirm a few things. First of all, did Glenn do his mini drum solo at the beginning of misunderstood? Second of all, was everything generally quieter and more laid back from previous shows?

Glenn did not do the mini drum solo.


Everything was quieter.  I saw them do both shows at Stubbs last year, and this was a completely different feel than then.


It was the best Reservations and Impossible Germany I've seen. Ever.


At one point, Jeff stated this was the first show of the Schmilco tour.

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Can't wait for tonight!!!!! Looks like a really good tour to hit the lottery on the presale & score row A. I'm still reeling! Reservations is probably my favorite Wilco song ever & I've never seen them play it.& I've seen many shows. Think I'm certain to get it today and/or tomorrow. Going solo to the 2nd show & got lucky on that one, too. A week after the shows went on sale I went in & put in for 1 ADA ticket (sadly I qualify) just for giggles. Row A came up again! Tonight is with my friend though & she has never seen them. I turned her onto the band & she is a fan now. Looking to be a monumental music weekend. The 2 Wilco shows, a day to recharge & then Ray LaMontagne with MMJ on Monday night. It doesn't get a whole lot better, IMHO. :)

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I was at the show - I'l try and post some pictures when I can.


1) the set design is Wilco's not the venues. You guys are in for a treat! Between the lighting and the set, it was absolutely awesome. Jeff made a joke or two about playing in the forest, which was cool because Boise is known as the city of trees.


2) I can confirm that the second encore was not played. Not sure why, as technicians were replacing some of the guitars and then the lights went up. Great show regardless, almost wish I didn't know about that second encore, though. They did the same thing at their Ketchum ID show last year.


3) I'm guessing they treated this as the first Schmilco tour show because of the venue. Jeff talked about trading a bunch of amplifiers and stuff from the SLC show. Pretty honored that Boise got to kickoff the tour.


4) Jeff announced "Pick up the Change" by saying it was something they hadn't played in a while. That was a real treat let me tell you. Awesome to hear a smokin' version of "Laminated Cat". I'm equally glad they kept "Impossible Germany" and "Jesus, etc." in the set. Hearing "I'm Always in Love" was also a highlight for me.


5) After Passenger Side, somebody upfront apparently told Jeff they call that song "Shotgun". I can't remember Jeff's response but it was awesome. Later the guy got up and Jeff said "See ya Shotgun!"


5a) Lots of people shouting "We love you" as in any Wilco show. It was interesting to me that Jeff made the comment that they have a song about that but it isn't very popular. How can anyone not like Wilco (the song)??


6) I wish I had a better understanding of the different amps, guitars, drums, etc. so I can't speak to how that was changed from the last tour. Mikael and Nels were definitely playing with new toys so it appeared.

We got a great banjo solo from Pat at least once. For sure during California Stars.


7) I really hope they Roadcase one of the shows or even do an online streaming of one of the SF shows. 


8) I was amazed by how much of "Shmilco" they played. I think I saw 7 were played. This was my 6th Wilco show and definitely very satisfying. They played from all over the catalog and the crowd was definitely appreciative.


9) Because of the setting/types of songs played, the crowd pretty much sat for the whole show, except for when they finished and after a couple of songs. I don't think that was a problem for the band. 


10) Hearing John do vocals was an unexpected surprise and very awesome. I love the way he adds texture to the songs with his voice so it was cool to hear him sing solo on "It's Just That Simple."


Just wanted to share my thoughts with the group since this particular forum is my favorite on Via Chicago. Really glad they chose to stop here on the way to Seattle! Thank you Wilco! I hope you are around for years to come and have lots more touring ahead of you.



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