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Current Tour Equipment Changes

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I haven't gotten to see a show from this new tour leg (and likely won't) but read on another forum about some pretty significant stage gear changes which comport with some of the more stripped-down performances (e.g. Misunderstand, I'm Always in Love, Bull Black Noa).  


Apparently Jeff has switched to 2 small combo amps (one tweed, one Vox-style?), Nels is playing a small Swart and Glenn has a stripped-down kit.


Any of you who notice such things care to comment or offer photos?



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This is the best I got, somehow my phone got stuck on square photos, but you can see Jeff's tiny little combo amps. EDIT: It's kind of big so just click this link.

Mikael's keyboards look stripped down too, but the only one I could make out was a Moog, just to the left of him in that photo. Pat's keyboards are likely stripped down too, he has a piano to his left with a glockenspiel(?) on top of it for Radiocure (and probably other songs). I don't recall how much equipment John had on stage last year, probably not much since he's the bass player, but he ended up playing the 12 string acoustic on a number of the songs.

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Jeff playing a full Marshall stack on the Star Wars run seemed to be a statement in itself, but going from that to two tiny amps (to say nothing of the other guys' stripped down equipment) suggests that they've planned out a trajectory for their stagecraft for the Star Wars/Schmilco phase of their career. It's a little early to say this, but it'll be interesting to see if that's something they continue after the next album.

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