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Winterlude 2017

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Are your seats together? Getting a sinking feeling that ours are on opposite ends (per the seating chart). BBB seats 419 and 420...



They're together. Check the map there.

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only got a pair of far back floor tix for Wed.  


Anybody get the Ticketmaster presale code?  Gotta try tomorrow and Fri for the other two nights....







Good luck! I was fortunate enough to get a pair in the 6th row for Saturday night. Now to arrange travel!

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Pulled 2 decent balcony tickets for Saturday.

Happy with just one show this go around.


As someone mentioned - it will be weird not standing in line this year. Not to mention, it will be a train ride for me this go around too, which is a good thing.


That being all said, I do enjoy going to those Riv shows.

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Thanks for the codes. One of them didn't seem to want to let me buy tickets probably as I don't have a "local" credit card. So it took me a while to get tickets. Ended up with good balcony for Sat, pit for Thurs and opted for a cheap ticket for Wed further back on balcony. Now to decide whether to go or sell tickets (at face value of course).

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I got Box A for Saturday night as well.  Never sat in the boxes there, should be interesting.  Anyone ever sat there?

I enjoy the box seats a great deal, but the issue can be standing vs sitting. I like to stand. I will generally do the courteous thing and step to the back. If you are in a booth, you are more like in a Vegas-style seat with table. It can be a hassle to stand. Generally people will stand towards the door area in your little private area.

Being in this area makes you feel you are away from the hoi polloi and are kind of special.

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