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Winterlude 2017

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I enjoy the box seats a great deal, but the issue can be standing vs sitting. I like to stand. I will generally do the courteous thing and step to the back. If you are in a booth, you are more like in a Vegas-style seat with table. It can be a hassle to stand. Generally people will stand towards the door area in your little private area.

Being in this area makes you feel you are away from the hoi polloi and are kind of special.

I got a box seat, L3 for Saturday. Don't think I've been to the theater before. I may try for different seats tomorrow if I can do better. Obviously the view will be extreme left, hows the sound? Is it worth keeping the seat?

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I got 4 in the 4th row of the balcony for Saturday night.  The Chicago Theater is beautiful and the sound is great, but I'm not a fan of seeing shows there.  Despite my age, I prefer to get to a venue early, stand and get as close as possible to the stage.

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Congrats, guys! I'm so pumped. First proper Wilco show I will have seen in Chicago. Saw them at Lolla in 2008...

It will be my first since moving to Chicago too! Seen them in Berkeley, SF, Montreal, and Solid Sound...but the first Chicago show feels like a confirmation of some kind. Can't overstate how excited I am and thankful for this glimmer of joy in what has been a pretty depressing couple of weeks..   

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