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Jeff Tweedy, Producer

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Jeff produced and played on the upcoming Joan Shelly release. She opened for Wilco out West last year and is doing more dates with them this year. Seems like she's a lock for Solid Sound.


Article in Brooklyn Vegan: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/joan-shelley-preps-jeff-tweedy-produced-lp-touring-with-wilco-richard-thompson-more/


Jeff's producer credits keep coming. Do we have a good running list of what he's worked on? What is his best work in this regard?


Here is what I tracked down:


You Are Not Alone - Mavis Staples 2010

Traphouse Rock - Kids These Days 2012

The Invisible Way - Low 2013

Corsicana Lemonade - White Denim 2013

One True Vine - Mavis Staples 2013

Wassiac Way - Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Iron 2013

Still - Richard Thompson 2015

Don't Lose This - Pops Staples 2015

TBD - Joan Shelly 2017

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He also produced that limited edition CD single Shine (I think it was called), written and recorded by "Brian".

JT did background vicals and I seem to remember MJ did some keyboards. A long time ago in a land far far away.

Oh lord, haha! I hope you're being facetious about the "limited edition CD single" aspect of that...B)

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The only thing I know for sure is that Just Make it Stop off of The Invisible Way has become a favorite of mine. I listened to it on a loop more than once in 2016, the year I buried my mom, grandmother, a co-worker, a friend, and one of my kids' teachers; and the year I moved my dad into assisted living.

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