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Sturgill Simpson

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no wonder the country music establishment is ignoring him & margo price. they are very afraid!

Those two and Jason Isbell write circles around the fools on the radio yet they don't get that level of attention.....

which pretty much makes country music like every other genre in the industry.

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That may be the smallest drum kit I've seen. As far as I could see, he had just a bass drum and snare, along with cymbals. Is that right?


Yeah.  I've seen videos of him playing a more traditional setup.  I suspect the stripped down kit was a statement in itself.  Kicking up more dust with two drums than any of the overwrought, glammed up show-biz cowboy hat acts and their convoy of semi trucks full of gear.

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I was watching Shovels and Rope on CBS Saturday Morning the other week, possibly the most minimalist kit I've seen: bass, snare and a cymbal.

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There is a lot to love about Sturgill with his classic country revival sound combined with his philosophical but grounded psychedelic point of view.  and I'm thrilled with the soul influence he's brought in with the horns and Hammond.   I'm not crazy about his overly clipped, choppy ennunciation in his singing, though.  I love a solid country drawl in the vocals of country music as much as anybody, but I think the style he's adopted is too much.  He didn't used to do it as much.  Check out the difference in this earlier video.



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And I'd encourage all fans of Sturgill and classic country to check out Courtney Granger from Louisianna.  Now this guy can sing some classic country!  Yeah, his album is all covers and he's sounding ALOT like George Jones to the point I can see many criticize him for mimicry, but I never buy into that originality argument.  George Jones and Merle Haggard are dead and you can't see them live any more.  Anyone who can do what Courtney can do is someone I want to listen to.





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Spent the weekend listening to Sturgill Simpson's latest, Sound and Fury.  Holy crap!  Has there been an artist that's put out a more diverse first four albums?


This one is, as he describes it, a “sleazy synth-rock dance record."  There's nothing even remotely country about this album, aside from his deep Kentucky accent (which is buried under heavy guitars and "sleaze" on many tracks).


Apparently there's also an anime film that was produced along with this album -- because why not?  :lol


One of my favorite tracks is called "Make Art Not Friends" and pretty much sums up the ethos behind this album.


I love saying "no" to all the "yes" men

Just to see the look on their face
I love how everybody knows what's best
But nobody knows their place
Sucker every second, stack 'em up to the sky
For every winner, there's a hundred that died
So you get yours, and stay outta mine
Here's to the memories, where do I sign?
Face in the mirror, all skin and bones
Bloodshot eyes and a heart of stone
Never again, I'd rather be alone
Think I'm gonna just stay home
And make art, not friends


I have no idea how he's going to top this, but I'm excited to find out.


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