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top 10 Songs you want to hear Wilco play live that you haven't heard in Concert

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I have seen Wilco live only twice, 15 years apart (2002 and 2017), so the set-lists from those two shows were quite different. However, I will be seeing them perform live for the third time in Oct. For that reason, this is an interesting question for me to consider right now, in anticipation of that upcoming show. I opted for a little diversity covering the spectrum of the band's recording career. Wish I could have included one song from each of the 10 albums, but there are 2 songs from "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" that I have yet to hear live, so those lead off my list by default.


  1) Pot Kettle Black

  2) Poor Places

  3) Hotel Arizona

  4) Muzzle of Bees

  5) Can't Stand It

  6) I Might

  7) How to Fight Loneliness

  8) Either Way

  9) One Sunday Morning

10) Just Say Goodbye

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 I've attended 35+ Wilco shows. The only song that I yearn for is Candyfloss. It was on the set list once, but wasn't played due to the curfew. I filed that knowledge under "Information that I didn't want".  :upset

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Not really a Wilco song, but I'd love to hear a live version of Loose Fur's "Hey Chicken".

 For years I wish they would play that. I think they would tear it up!

I think Jeff attempted to play it at one of the Living Room shows and stopped after a few chords saying it was too hard to play.

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Gun (I asked Stan if the current lineup has ever played this song, even in practice. Nope. I'm guessing it won't ever happen.) 

Should've Been in Love 

Dash 7

When You Wake Up Feeling Old


That's about it. 8 YHF shows and 6 Whole Love shows pretty much squared away every other song I've ever wanted to hear them play live. 


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