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This band has been creeping into my consciousness over the past few weeks via satellite radio. I would hear something intriguing that made me look at the radio to see who it was, and I would see the name Chicano Batman. And I would laugh out loud that there was a band named Chicano Batman. And it kept happening, until I realized this was a band with a couple of songs that were really worth hearing.


I thought to myself: Santana mixed with Sly and the Family Stone. Who would be making this music in 2017 and why do I think it's so good? I read some reviews: Santana mixed with Curtis Mayfield. Okay, it's not just me. I watched some videos. 70's prom tuxes. LOL


I learned they were playing in NYC for less than $20 last night, but sadly it was sold out.


I spent many hours cooking today (see hobbies thread) and played their Freedom Is Free album several times through while doing so.


This is really good stuff! (And not only Santana meets Sly Stone/Curtis Mayfield.)

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