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Solid Sound Roll Call

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I'll be there today!! My first time to Solid Sound and first time seeing the boys since the 2014 Winterlude in Chicago. I'll be wearing a tie dyed izod and smiling. My first name is Andy, but Jackins works just as well. Have fun folks!



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Anyone wan to share their thoughts on the Nels Cline Four?


They've done several shows now, but no videos or recordings have appeared that I'm aware of.  On paper, this could be the best project Nels has ever put together.

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yes yes yes.

easily my favorite performance next to those guys Nels played with FRI/SAT night.

they     blew       my      mind.

Took a bunch of pics- will post hopefully.


oh,   and the deadhead in me couldn;t help but wondering during the performance what would a Russo/ Cline combo sound like??

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Both of your thoughts line up with the one other reaction I've been able to find from when they played in Canada prior to Solid Sound.  Hopefully some recordings or video, or an actual album, will show up.

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This year was the best one yet!

What a great time..  :badger  :badger


I took the survey.

Best in show other than Wilco: Kevin Morby.


Suggestions to improve: Same as last survey, extend the shuttle to Williamstown motels first and foremost. And also to bring back the lobster mac n cheese and make it a staple in the Courtyard C menu. It was incredibly delicious in 2015. 

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