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Wilco @ Newport Folk Festival, 29Jul17

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Great picture Tinnitus!!

I know Billy played California Stars with Wilco around 2010ish, as seen in this video. As far as I know, that was the only time they've performed live together. I could be wrong about that though.

I would love to hear Walt Whitman's Niece or I Guess I Planted but I imagine the guests they bring on for California Stars is always a last second kind of thing and only two remaining members of Wilco actually played on those songs (20 years ago) so that might be not be possible since the rest of the band wouldn't be familiar with those tunes (though a Mermaid Avenue show would be a great idea for SS'19, just saying). Still, it's great to see Billy with the guys again!

This show was streamed, I caught a bunch of it, sounded great. If anyone recorded it, let me know!

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I think I need to talk with my co-workers a little more.  One of my colleagues came in and I asked how her weekend was.  She's from Newport and she said she went home and saw her family and then went to the Newport Folk Festival on Saturday.  She then asked me "Have you ever heard of this band Wilco? They were really great ..." 

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Random Name Generator

Via Chicago

If I Ever Was a Child

Cry All Day

One by One

Bull Black Nova


Impossible Germany


Someone to Lose

I'm Always in Love

Heavy Metal Drummer

I'm the Man Who Loves You


The Late Greats

Christ for President

California Stars (with Billy Bragg)

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With the awful news, the Bad News about the Tweedy patriarch,

man, much respect to the BobThread,

wow can't describe'



this set, this set.

hearing and listening, i can't help but

jeff playin through

wilco playin on.

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