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Dear Jeff Tweedy

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Happy Hawaii Fifty Day!


Give Mr Jeff Tweedy a book Daniel, as we say in Sweden!



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Happy birthday, Jeff! I've been listening to your music since we were both in our 20s. It's been a great ride. Hope I have a chance to meet you one day & looking forward to more new music and a lot more shows down the road. 

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A national treasure indeed!  Much love and thanks for an ever expanding/gratifying notebook of amazing music and memorable live shows (and at 57, the memorable part ain't easy to maintain!).  For some reason, 49 seemed older to me than the near relief of turning 50. It gets a bit harder to retain, but I believe in the health benefits of immaturity!


All the very best and major gratitude to your better half! 



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Many blessings on your birthday, and may you be blessed with many more.

Thank You.

Welcome to the club, I've been waiting for like, a year and a half, man.



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