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I just released 2 new songs!

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"This Ain't No Race"


Kind of a acoustic rockabilly thing. Upbeat, bouncy, and fun.



"If You Knew"


Country 2-step that I can hear being sung by Johnny Cash or Jeff Tweedy.


I'm proud of both of these and hope you'll listen to them. If you do, I'd like to know what you thought.


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The production is really great on both these songs. T


he vocals sound really great on both tunes. I like the harmonies If You Knew - I also really enjoy the vocal style on that song.


I really like the guitar playing on both of the tracks. I like the rhythm playing especially on If You Knew.


The solo on This Ain't No Race is fun and super classic sounding for the style of the song. The solo and decorative guitar parts were my favorite thing on the first listen of Race. The more I hear it, the more I really dig the lyrical content. I think it's a great song.


I think the writing on both songs is really strong. I enjoy the perspective in your writing.


If You Knew is probably my favorite of the two tracks. I like the arrangement and the parts the instruments are playing. It kind of feels like a Jason Isbell/Drive By Truckers tune from the writing perspective but the arrangement of the instruments is like Being There era Wilco-ish.

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Thank you so much, Dan! I really appreciate your listening and am super happy that you liked them.

Obviously, I dug your new tune, as well. So, it's nice to hear nice things, especially from folks whose work you know and respect.

Thanks again!

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