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Came up with this in about 5 minutes from the NPR video. Awesome new song from Jeff, some of his best lyrics ever I feel.

Feel free to correct/comment/whatever.





Bombs Above

Standard Tuning

Key of Cmaj


Intro (same as verse chords)

C G C  F   A   B/Am    F     C    G   



C   G   C

All my life


Ive played a part

         Am  B/Am    F 

In the bombs above

      C             G

the ones you love


   C    G    C

Im taking moment

               Em         F

to apologize

  Am                        C

I should have done more 

Am              C

To stop the war


So Im sorry


(**Rest of verses same as above except for one small change in verse 2 noted below**)


I leave behind a trail of songs

From the darkest gloom to the brightest sun

Ive lost my way but its hard to say

Am                C

what ive been through


should matter to you


A man so drunk

He could hardly stand

Told me once

Holding my hand

Sufferings the same

For everyone

He was right

But I was wrong

To agree





Verse Chords one last time that resolve to a C

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