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The National - 7 December 2017 - Montreal, QC (Metropolis)

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If memory serves, I think Jeff suggested in St. Paul that bbop should consider touring with The National while Wilco take their much deserved break in 2018... After last night's show at the Metropolis in Montreal - it may be something he should consider doing... or, at least, catching them a few times as they continue to tour on Sleep Well Beast :D


This is my fifth time seeing this band and I continue to be blown away by their live shows (I like their records a lot too).  Last night's superb two-hour show was made even more special because the Metropolis is one of the very best rooms to see live music performed anywhere in N. America.  Those you who have seen Wilco perform there over the years can attest to it's charm, great site lines and fantastic sound.


Lots has been written about this band of four brothers plus one -- so need to go into any of that other than to say their chemistry (and DNA) make them an incredibly enjoyable band to see perform live.  There is def something going on between the four brothers that is a bit outer worldly.


Here's the set list - as played... again, catch them if they are coming near you this winter.  My bet is that summer will see them playing much larger venues and sheds.


Nobody Else Will Be There

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

Walk It Back

Guilty Party

Don't Swallow the Cap

Afraid of Everyone

Born to Beg

I Need My Girl

Santa Clara

Secret Meeting

Conversation 16

I'll Still Destroy You


Slow Show


Carin at the Liquor Store

Day I Die

Fake Empire

About Today

Pink Rabbits



Mr. November

Terrible Love

Dark Side of the Gym



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Going Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Chicago as they close out this leg of the tour. On the last night of the European leg, they played all of “The Boxer” to open the show. Fingers crossed for a special night. I have never been disappointed in previous shows. Fired up.

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