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Yo La Tengo - 2 April 2018, Higher Ground Ballroom, Burlington, VT

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Yo La Tengo came through Burlington last night, and as always, really delivered the goods.  No opening act and two amazing sets with a great three song encore... This is my tenth time seeing this band over many years and they never disappoint.  A wonderful and dreamy first set of "quiet songs" and a deep and dizzying second set of "loud songs," which is such a great way to see them play their music.  They played eight songs from their new record "There's A Riot Going On" and the rest were a smattering of their song book from a range of records spanning their entire career.  A truly enjoyable evening...


Here's the set list as played:


You Are Here

She May, She Might

The Crying Lot of G (one of the highlights of the evening)


Let's Do It Wrong

How to Make a Baby Elephant Float

When it's Dark

Black Flowers (another highlight)

Here You Are


Out of the Pool

Before we Run

The Story of Jazz (yet another highlight)

For You Too

Shades of Blue

Mr Tough

Big Day Coming


Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind (and, another highlight)


Connection (Rolling Stones) (Dr. Mark Fisher on drums - Dr. Fisher is a Burlington psychiatrist who played drums in Ira's first band in high school named "Heat Wave" :-)

Periodically Double or Triple

What Can I Say (NRBQ)


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Set list from Friday's show in Chicago:


1. You are Here

2. Forever

3. Black Flowers

4. Don't have to be So Sad

5. Ashes

6. She May, She Might

7. Naples (Antitem cover)

8. Big Day Coming (acoustic)

9. Here You Are


10. Out Of The Pool

11. From a Motel 6

12. Here to Fall

13. Shades of Blue

14. For You Too

15. We're an American Band

16. Shaker

17. Autumn Sweater

18. Today Is The Day

19. I Heard You Looking (with Rick Rizzo and mark Greenberg of Eleventh Dream Day)


20. That's What You Always Say (Dream Syndicate Cover with Rizzo and Greenberg)

21. Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll (Neil Young cover with Rizzo and Greenberg)

22. Farmer's Daughter (beach Boys cover)

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Setlist from last night in Boston:


Set 1:
You Are Here
Last Days of Disco
She May, She Might
Polynesia #1 (Michael Hurley cover)
No Water
I Feel Like Going Home
Here You Are
Set 2:
Dream Dream Away
Stupid Things
Moby Octopad
Shades of Blue
For You Too
I Should Have Known Better
Artificial Heart
Double Dare
The Story of Yo La Tango



Junk (Christmas cover)

So Easy Baby

Center of Gravity

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