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Jeff Tweedy - 8 April 2018 Kingston, ON

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Hey all, I haven't posted in forever but since I saw bbop was going to be making the Ontario shows I figured I'd do my best at a recap. 


- Kingston is a small university town right in between Toronto & Ottawa, sort of infamously the hometown of Gord Downie &  The Tragically Hip & a necessary touring spot for every Canadian band at some point

- I haven't looked this up but I think it's safe to say Jeff or Wilco have never played there before last night, seeing Kingston on the itinerary was pretty shocking but also pretty cool, looks like they tried to do as many shows around Toronto as they could, & lot's of Toronto Wilco buds were out

- The Grand Theatre is a 750ish seat classic community theatre vibe, maybe the smallest room I've ever seen Jeff or Wilco play in (I don't believe it completely sold out but was close)

- setlist was pretty close to the Royal Oak one, Remember The Mountain Bed & Misunderstood were the only two differences that I can tell

- new songs sounded good, the first one he played where the chorus went "spray paint me gold..." was a real standout I thought

- Jeff was in a super good mood, half the fun of these solo shows for me is just hearing him talk & interact with the audience in all the ways he doesn't w/ Wilco

- had a big long anecdote about getting arrested at the border coming into Canada because someone in their camp forgot to remove their weed, apparently they were handcuffed & everything (there could be some exaggerations there)

- some quotes that I can remember "they (the border police) forced play Cinnamon Girl behind my back w/ the handcuffs on", "I was already picking out a face tattoo & a boyfriend", there was also some playful banter w/ some dude complimenting his whistling, people sneezing etc.


I'm sure other people will have a whole lot more to add so I'll leave it there. See y'all in Ottawa on Wednesday.


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Hey all, I haven't posted in forever but since I saw bbop was going to be making the Ontario shows I figured I'd do my best at a recap.

Hey thanks a lot for the report, man! Guess they were too busy lighting up one-hitters in the Hammer to report back, so I’m especially glad to hear some news. Sorry I’m having to sit out this Canadian run, but I’m glad you enjoyed. Any Sarah Harmer sightings? B)


Enjoy your hometown gig, and definitely fill us in again if anything worthwhile happens...

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