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What did Wilco play on The Tonight Show in 1999?

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Yes. It was Can't Stand It. They played it with a few guys on violin. Cool hearing Jay Leno mention that they were about to start a world tour with R.E.M. in June of that year.


Oh cool, I'm glad that video turned up.  Not sure why it didn't come up for me. 


Some random thoughts:


I wonder if that's the same string quartet that played with them when they returned and did Jesus Etc a year or two later.


Tweedy has said that Coomer is an extremely loud drummer, but he almost never looks like he's hitting all that hard.  I guess it's all in the wrist.


That black Tele Jeff's playing with the Danelectro style tape binding around the body shows up in a lot of photos of the Loft.  

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In the somewhat-related-but-not-really department, I was living in LA at this time and had tickets to Wilco's second night at the House of Blues on the tour (i think they taped the tonight show appearance before night one).


I think there was a death in the Tweedy/Miller family in between shows and the second night was cancelled.  I know the band rarely cancels shows, and was bummed to have missed them on this tour (obviously family comes first).  Just figured i'd drop this anecdote in.



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