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I'm not sure about the broadcast date, however, I have this show down as 2007-09-15 and the setlist as follows:


1. Intro

2. You Are My Face

3. Handshake Drugs

4. Side With The Seeds

5. Via Chicago

6. Impossible Germany

7. Sky Blue Sky

8. Too Far Apart

9. Hate It Here

10. Walken

11. I'm The Man Who Loves You

12. On And On And On

13. Interview

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Found this on YouTube, says 2005. The clothes are the same as in the photos on the acltv link. Starts off with ALTWYS.





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Yeah. It looks like they snuck in some pics from their 2004 taping which only aired as a half hour split episode with another band that escapes me at the moment. The 1999 show I can't find anywhere online. The 2012 show I still have saved on my DVR.


Edit: OK. It looks like the ACL link has pics from all of the shows except for 1999.

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