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Any predictions/thoughts on a Tweedy show at the Vic this year?

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I wonder why these shows haven’t been officially cancelled yet. They’re clearly not happening, but tickets are still on sale.

I’m guessing they’ll push the shows to winter/fall? Had several shows that didn’t postpone until very close to the show date.
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Yeah, I wonder if they're working out future dates.  I kind of wish they would just straight up cancel.  I don't think there's going to be any more live music in 2020 so lets just rip the band aid off.  Waiting for Phish to pull the plug too already!

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Agreed. Just cancel. This waiting to see if shows are going to be rescheduled is really hindering refund process.

I think a good compromise is to cancel and if they can schedule for later in the year just put up a new onsale and let people buy again if they want..

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