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Wait - this is RSD Exclusive and limited to 5000 copies. Yikes - likely very hard to come by. Hopefully it will stream.

You know what seems to happen every time something is limited for record store day. Once it sells out they’ll issue it again in a slightly different form ie a different color etc I wouldn’t be too worried!

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1 Orphan

2 Family Ghost

3 And Then You Cut it in Half

4 ...Ten Sentences

5 Sick Server

6 Empty Head

7 Landscape

8 Ultra Orange Room

9 Evergreen

10 Guaranteed


WARMER, the companion LP to Jeff Tweedy’s acclaimed 2018 solo album WARM, will be released exclusively on vinyl for Record Store Day 2019. Ten previously unavailable studio recordings written and recorded during the same sessions. As George Saunders has opined about what he calls the “sister albums”….”WARMER came right behind WARM - recorded in the same burst, motivated by the same impetus, overflowing with the same consoling ethos”.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we've heard: Orphan, Family Ghost, Ultra Orange Room, and Evergreen? Jeff's played all of those solo, except for Ulta Orange Room, which was part of the Let's Go (So We Can Get Back) audiobook...


You're right.

I got to go to one of the recent Loft groups, and Jeff told us about Warmer coming in the Spring. He explained that he "didn't want to do another double album", so he split it into two. But the music of Warm and Warmer comes from the same time period, same sessions.

He sang a moving "Orphan" for us that day at our mini-concert. What a song to hear so intimately!


I have been joking that the upcoming Wilco album will be called either "HOT!" or "OUCH!" You know, "Warm", "Warmer".....


A kidsmoke kids. :P  ;) 


Also: Warmer in the Spring? This joke writes itself!  B)

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Don't forget - Scorchio!





This confirms there definitely has to be a Warmest coming at some point, right??


Well, temperature is certainly a theme Jeff could run with for years. He hasn't even touched the cold spectrum! (Cool, Chilly, Frigid...) And there's Balmy! Or Temperate, or Inclement...So Warmest is certainly possible.  :ninjatorch

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This is from a Variety article:


As a big Wilco fan, RSD’s Kurtz is particularly excited about Jeff Tweedy’s “Warmer.” “Jeff is releasing an album that’s completely unique for Record Store Day, which I think is one of the few times we’ve done anything quite that amazing — at least it is for me,” Kurtz says. “When he made his last album (‘Warm’), my understanding is he recorded two albums, and one of them was for the general release and one of them was for Record Store Day.” The LP, limited to 5000 copies, will initially be sold only as part of RSD, although the release will also be sold at the annual Wilco-hosted Solid Sound Festival in late June.

I think I saw a release date in June for a CD version of Warmer, but I may have dreamed that.

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Aprl 13.  Hmmm.  I see Jeff is playing a festival in Atlanta that day, and Nels will be in Atlanta the following day with a trio.  Wonder if they'll cross paths and do something together.


Nels has a show on the 13th in Tallahassee

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