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Jeff Tweedy — 3 March 2019, Dallas, TX (Majestic Theatre)

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Don’t have WiFi access at the moment, so just getting the bare bones transmitted on my phone and will hopefully follow up shortly. But anyway, file this one in the list of shows that have been derailed to a certain extent by one (or a couple) of people who somehow thought it would be a good idea to get ripped before going to a quiet solo acoustic performance...


You knew something was going to have to give eventually when Jeff started his set with Via Chicago and a very boisterous — some might say obnoxious — woman sitting in the middle of the orchestra section loudly yelled out at the first mention of Chicago and then proceeded to woo intermittently through the first half of the show whenever something met with her approval.


Anyway, more on that later. Of course Jeff handled the situation as well as he usually does, and I think possibly the woman and her male companion either got kicked out or left on their own. But it made for a few cringe-y moments early on...


For now, here was the complete setlist as played:


Via Chicago (w/harmonica)

Remember The Mountain Bed

Bombs Above

Some Birds

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

I Know What It’s Like

Family Ghost

Having Been Is No Way To Be Alive

Impossible Germany


New Madrid


Passenger Side

Let’s Go Rain

Jesus, etc.

California Stars

A Shot in the Arm

I’m The Man Who Loves You


I’m Always In Love



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Yikes. The nerve of these people. Last night there was someone bragging on social media about how much vodka they sneaked in... I can't help but wonder if it's related? 

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We were about 5 rows behind the couple. First they got a warning, then they (we thought) got removed, then they returned, then they were booted during penultimate song.

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I try not to make too big a deal of such things but I have to say that but for those asshats this would have been the perfect Tweedy show. Never seen so few cell phones out. Perfect venue. Great setlist. Good vibe the whole night.

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Well, Let me share some insight concerning the obnoxious couple at the Jeff Tweedy, Dallas Sunday show at The Majestic!


I have intimate knowledge...Why? I was the guy sitting next to them on row F, seat 11 and 12 along with a buddy. (His 1st Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic show)  They were in seats 9 & 10...and were couple in there mid 30's from Houston.  They drove up for the show and were heading to Austin for the Monday show.  I know this because when they arrived right before Buck Meek....they were very loud and bragging about sneaking in 3 flask of vodka. Telling anyone that would listen how big of fans they were, they drove all the way from Houston.  They snapped a selfie and posted on the FB Shot in The Arm site...which has since been deleted.


Once Buck Meek comes on...the FUN really began!  They were screaming at him as his sang.  At one point Buck Meek mentioned he had a new song he just put out on the internet...the guy yells "Good for YOU"! That's when I knew I was in for long night.


Jeff comes on and the immediately began screaming obnoxiously!  Not in a "I'm so excited to see my idol" kind of way...more of a "I'm on a roller coaters or football game way".  They had people in front, back and next to them shushing, asking them to keep in down and be respectful.  They dude threaten to fight anyone that confronted them. He got all into the face of a dude behind him....cursing and yelling "You don't know me"!  Over and over.  All while Jeff is trying to play!  They were singing LOUD and didn't know the words and certainly were not in key!  LOL.   It was like they were the act!  You could see Jeff cringing when they were yelling, interacting at him.  He was jovial and tried to defuse the situation but they just didn't get it.  He finally told the to "calm the FUCK down"!  No good!  Security came and told them to bring it down...lasted a song or two...then the Dallas PD came and pulled them out of seats.  Our section cheered!  BUT....midway through song they were back.  He kept telling her that they needed to be quiet or they were going to get arrested.  He then blamed an older couple in front of me for reporting them to PoPo.  They would scream in the ears of the older couple...ruined their experience.  Was way over the top!


Once the show was over, before an encore...lights came on they were leaving and having words with those around them.  The guy  that was seated behind them came up and chewed the Houston dudes ass...and the Houston dude grabbed him like he was going to fight him.  About that time Jeff came back for the encore.  They went back to seats...BUT by that time PoPo showed and walked their drunk, obnoxious asses out of the building! Cheers erupted!


True story!

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Good Lord I wasn't even at this show and that infuriates me. I had a similar encounter at a Wilco Louisville show a few years ago. Dude wanted to fight me after I politely asked them to keep it down. Then they took my wife's purse and moved it down a few seats. Good times!

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 Wow Dutch. Sorry your friend's first Tweedy show was like that. I was actually at the concert also. Glad I wasn't sitting next to them. Coincidentally I came from Katy TX which is outside of Houston. Unfortunately lots of concerts in Houston are like this. I don't understand the complete disrespect that some people have towards bands. I'm originally from New Orleans and I don't remember any concerts being like this.

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Oh man, this story about the Houston couple infuriates me too. We’ve all seen some version of that behavior at shows, but this seems especially egregious. I’m an administrator on the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm and I remember seeing that couple’s original post, with a shot of where their seats were and another of their sneaked-in vinyl flasks. I wish there was a way to go back and retrieve deleted posts so I could figure out who they are and kick them out of the group just on general principles. Entitled drunks who want to be the show rather than appreciate the show. Is there anything worse?

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Oh...I definitely will remember her as well and when she appears than I'll turn her over the the Shot in Arm popo!  I've searched for her and I will find her!  Just like Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans!  I WILL FIND HER! :)

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