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If you don't recognise that as the B-side to Sugar Sugar by The Archies then do not dispair.


Today I heard it for the first time in what must be at least 40+ years. I still remembered it pretty much perfectly and it's still great. Funny how tunes get imprinted on your brain. The single was one of the few in the house when I was very young, along with Chain Gang by Sam cook, a 78 of the Yellow Rose of Texas, and Rupert The Bear by Jackie Lee (also a great single, though not as good as the superb White Horses by Jacky - same person different name - so evocative of all things 60s to me. She also sang on Hendrix's Hey Joe apparently).


Anyway, I wonder if that kind of imprinting still happens - repeated radio plays on practically the only pop music radio station at that time in the UK was a form of brain washing even for the songs you didn't particularly like. With so much variety available now I'm not so sure.


EDIT - sorry - should have been in the other forum. Was so overcome with nostalgia I messed up.


P.S. This has sent me off on a mission to track down Fiddlemanstick - the B-side to Back Home by the 1970 England World Cup Squad.


SECOND EDIT - It was Cinnamon Stick and I've found it. Memory not infallible on the title but tune well remembered even though I heard it only twice in 1970 at my next door neighbours house. They were English. When I was that young I did not know what cinnamon was. I don't know what a fiddlemanstick is come to think of it.

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