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2020 New Year's Resolutions

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My New Years Resolution is to keep a food diary and track everything I eat, with the goal of pinpointing the specific types of food that give me abdominal pain.


I wouldn't call this a resolution, but more of a hope/desire, and that is to get back to playing music with others.  I moved across town a couple years ago and, for unrelated reasons, my band ended around the same time.  As a result, I've been a lot less socially active over the last two years than I want to be going forward.  But my guitar playing has vastly improved in that time spent at home, and I've worked up quite a bit of music that I think could be good, so I hope I can find some compatible people to play with this year.  Are any of you drummers or bassists in Atlanta and want to play some soul-jazz leaning rock music?

Really?? At this point I assume you're at 24/7. Can't listen to more than that.


They'll need to learn to listen to more than one recording at a time.  :lol

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Really?? At this point I assume you're at 24/7. Can't listen to more than that.



Full disclosure: I burned up a couple of decent tape decks in about 5-6 years (late 80s-early 90s). The snail mail trading thing was in 5th gear. I was upward of 50 hours a week then. I don't think I've dipped below 25+ hours/week since then. But clearly I need to step up my game.

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