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Now Watching 2020

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Enjoyable late 70s romp about cars and Mark Hamill growing up to enjoy other things like Annie Potts. 

Cameron Crowe’s long forgotten follow up to Fast Times At Ridgemont High was an 80s blast (writing credit only). Music licensing fees have held this to obscurity for quite a bit. The version that I watched had songs from Madonna & Prince removed, even though they are credited in the end. Eddie Van Halen provides the original soundtrack. There’s even a Ron Wood cameo during the huge party scene. Chris Penn, Lea Thompson, Eric Stoltz, Ilan Mitchell-Smith & Rick Moranis are all great here, before they really hit it big soon after. “It’s casual.” 


I’ve watched a lot of fantastic 2020 releases recently. I’ll come back here soon to write about them. 

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