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2 hours ago, TCP said:

You forgot to add:
-Susie gives these recaps (and it's author) a shoutout!!!


Yeah, that was definitely meta to consider putting it in the recap. It was certainly a surprise and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Susie!

What’s weird is that I checked their IG page before tonight’s episode to see how last night’s episode was numbered taking into consideration that last week’s health update episode was some sort of anomaly, so I snagged Paul’s comment idea to name it 124.5. So when I saw that last night’s show was numbered 125, I thought “somehow we’re on the same page.” 

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— We have 4 prominent figures in VC complimenting The Recapper on a Friday....   Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I might have to buy some parchment paper for the last 2 shows...before t

Digging the first double A-side single "Nippy in the Trossachs" / "Bottle of Bucky (Girl you are my Commotion Lotion)"

Can we all get a shoutout for #TheRecapper ? C’mon, people!

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The Tweedy Show Thursday December 10 Episode 127

# animated intro on screen
-- "Happy Hanukkah" 
-- Basil has a wardrobe malfunction. 
-- Jeff starts strumming a song that he abandons because he's not sure of the lyrics. 
Be Not So Fearful (Bill Fay cover)
-- Jeff strums a bit of White Christmas. 
-- Jeff Garlin FaceTimes Spencer, so they can put him on the tv for the whole Tweedy family to talk to. Garlin offers to be a producer when they take The Tweedy Show elsewhere.
-- Sammy & Jeff play a brief bit of Neil Young’s Pocahontas that gets abandoned. The lyrics feature a reference to the Aurora Borealis which can be seen tonight in certain areas across the country. [Thanks, Paul for the title!]
What's The World Got In Store
-- the Goy vs Shiksa discussion

is had whether each word is offensive. 
-- Peter settles the Goy vs Shiksa debate. 
Rising Red Lung
-- Jeff talks about how concert photographers usually take pictures of him when he has mouth open to scream. 
Annie's Song (John Denver cover sung by Sammy)
Depreston (Courtney Barnett cover sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar & backing vocals)
-- Jeff mentions that he has a nugget ice machine which he refers to as hospital ice.
-- Jeff tells a story about apologizing to his neighbor regarding this past weekend's Bears game. Jeff texted his neighbor that the Bears needed to score more points to win the game, while the Bears had a lead, but they wound up losing the game. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
-- Jeff mentions that Jupiter & Saturn will be next to each other in the sky on December 21 & that tonight on the first night of Hanukkah you can see the Aurora Borealis in the Chicago area. Jack Horkheimer name drop from Jeff. 

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On 12/8/2020 at 8:17 AM, Yaz Rock said:

Part of the comedy of the show is Susie interacting with commenters and responding to the comments, which could usually provoke an interesting/funny comment or conversation by/with Jeff. That's going to disappear, unless they do the two-phone thing, I didn't care for the comments at first either, but have grown to appreciate them. I pay attention to them during the between-song banter, and minimize them during the songs. In the old format you could still see 2 or 3 or 4 comments when minimized but now you really have to pick one or the other, which is really annoying.

Jeff is really good at grasping what is going on on the screen just by Susie's descriptions. I would have a hard time keeping up with someone describing what's happening on a screen that I can't see, I would have to keep asking to see the phone.

I don't think the video is larger, as some people were saying, I think IG just rounded the borders. But it did look sharper?


It's driving Susie crazy not being able to follow along! It did look sharper to me, so that's good, but we need Sue's interaction and the new format stifles it a bit.:no


On 12/8/2020 at 10:18 AM, ZiggyBratwurst said:

In the beginning I thought the comments were really distracting, but at that point I had not foreseen what an amazing community was going to grow around the show. I hardly ever post anything, but now I really enjoy "keeping in touch" with everybody. I just hate now that we have essentially choose the comments or the video. My wife and I AirPlay the show to our TV, but even so the video was really small last night if we maximized the comments. This strikes me as the Facebook philosophy of re-design, which IMO amounts to changing things for no reason other than the sake of changing them.


Ziggy, who are you on IG? I also love the TS community that's grown up around the show. I'm dmurphy948 there.


On 12/8/2020 at 10:29 AM, TCP said:


A good example of why these companies shouldn't be able to absorb each other into one or two giant monopolies. Facebook should have never been able to buy Instagram. 


Couldn't agree more. I'm glad that it looks like fb will have to divest itself of some of its properties under the anti-monopoly laws.


On 12/8/2020 at 8:44 PM, TCP said:

You forgot to add:
-Susie gives these recaps (and it's author) a shoutout!!!


All hail Kristofor, chronicler of Tweedys!

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The Tweedy Show Monday December 14 Episode 128

# animated intro on screen, while Spencer drums along on the wall. 
-- The Bachelor & The Bachelorette depress the fuck out of Jeff. Jeff thinks it mocks the concept of love. 
-- the Tweedy family are sad about the passing of "Blue" Gene Tyranny & Charley Pride. 
-- Spencer admits that he's seen the Client's Hanukkah video which should be watched on an upcoming episode. It's an 8 minute video. 
-- Jeff is aware of the recent puns going around about Jason Isbell wanting to write a song called Elbow Bump Drugs during Covid. And a reply about being able to play Handshake Drugs, if you get A Shot In The Arm. Jeff ponders writing a new verse for Handshake Drugs about using hand sanitizer. 
-- Jeff reads cousin Itamar's letter. 
Alone aka Shakin' Sugar (abandoned early)
Alone aka Shakin' Sugar (Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals)
Part Of The Union (Strawbs cover sung by Spencer & on drums w Jeff on backing vocals)
-- Jeff would like more solidarity for unions. 
-- Jeff & Spencer react in a funny way when they hear that the clients are going to start a union. 
Can't Get It Out Of My Head (ELO cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals)
Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone (Charley Pride cover w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Sammy on backing vocals)
Standing In My Way (Charley Pride cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals)
-- Jeff & Sammy discuss Standing In My Way's lyrics. 
-- Jeff wants to do a few "Blue" Gene Tyranny songs tomorrow. 
-- Spencer's 25th birthday is on Wednesday which they will celebrate tomorrow. Sammy will be 21 later this month. 
-- Jeff wonders if anyone had happiness in their teen years. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)

-- the Tweedy family says goodbye to Eugenia who is leaving to go back home.

-- Jeff talks about low risk people possibly being vaccinated in March. He also mentions that Susie should be one of the first to get vaccinated. 

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1 hour ago, remphish1 said:

Very happy he played it! Was my request! I’m batting pretty good on the show! Blue eyed soul and Too Far Apart were also played at my nagging towards the beginning of the run  😜

You are becoming Arrow Lite {minus the emoji storm). :)

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3 hours ago, remphish1 said:

Very happy he played it! Was my request! I’m batting pretty good on the show! Blue eyed soul and Too Far Apart were also played at my nagging towards the beginning of the run  😜


Wow! What other outtakes that Jeff has never (or barely ever) played can we get you to request?? Venus Stop The Train?

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5 hours ago, TCP said:


Wow! What other outtakes that Jeff has never (or barely ever) played can we get you to request?? Venus Stop The Train?

I'm still waiting on Joe Dimaggio Done It Again!

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9 minutes ago, Yaz Rock said:

I'm still waiting on Joe Dimaggio Done It Again!


Oo that's a good one! In the early days I was campaigning for Chain of Broken Hearts but I feel like I'm the only one who likes that song haha

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The Tweedy Show Tuesday December 15 Episode 129

# animated intro on screen
-- Susie mentions that she is using 2 devices so that she can see the comments. 
-- Jeff, Spencer and Susie loved the surprise Clients' Hanukkah video. It made them cry, even Jeff. The Shot In The Arm Facebook group made a subgroup called Clients Hanukkah where they asked clients to send in selfies/pics of themselves holding a candle or a light. https://youtu.be/smvnq9a6p7c
You Are Not Alone (Mavis Staples cover w Spencer on drums & backing vocals Jeff on electric guitar) (dedicated to WFUV's Rita Houston who passed away earlier today)
-- Jeff shows off his new toy: a CXM 1978 Automatone - an electric pedal. 
-- Jeff on electric guitar & Spencer on drums whip up a Dick Dale sounding instrumental using the CXM 1978. 
-- Jeff briefly talks about Billy Bragg & the Man In The Sand doc. It had to do with Bragg asking Jeff to recreate a previous conversation for the camera. 
-- Susie can't believe that Spencer will be 25 tomorrow. 
-- Jeff shows off a drawing he made of his dad during the Christmas of 2000.
Leading A Double Life ("Blue" Gene Tyranny cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on electric guitar)
Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (Yoko Ono cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums and Jeff on electric guitar)
-- Kendall & Charlesie FaceTime with Spencer, so they can sing Kendall's birthday song to Spencer. Kendall says that Jeff reminds her of Jon Ossoff. 
Part Of The Union (Strawbs cover sung by Spencer & on drums w Jeff on backing vocals)
-- Susie shows off the Hanukkah prize which is a Rumpl blanket. 
-- Jeff is freaked out when a client recommends Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys which is what Jeff was playing before tonight's episode. 
-- Jeff makes up a "Mary made a quiche" song to the tune of Part Of The Union. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)


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The Tweedy Show Thursday December 17 Episode 130

# animated intro on screen
-- Susie advises the clients to use IG TV to watch the episodes in full screen with no comments. Just click on the TV rectangle to access the older episodes. She also mentions that she's about 20 episodes behind uploading them to YouTube. 
-- Susie talks about a theater today in Norway showing either I Am Trying To Break Your Heart or Ashes Of American Flags. The person hosting the event read a poem titled Susan Miller in Norwegian. The only word that she could understand was Lounge Ax.
-- Spencer says that WXPM listed 4 Wilco songs for their Best 100 Songs Of All Time list to which Jeff deadpanned "that's it."
Film Strip (take one. Jeff abandons the song without introducing the song which he will after the second time that he plays it.) (w Spencer on drums.)
Film Strip (new "old" song about a kid making a mix tape using breakup songs like Elvis Costello's Allison etc. Spencer mentions  that when he's heard the song before he didn't know it was about mix tapes. Spencer on drums)
If I Ever Was A Child (w Spencer on drums)
-- Spencer didn't remember what a shmata was. 
Ain't No More Cane (traditional done in The Band & Bob Dylan version) (Spencer on drums & vocals w Sammy & Jeff on backing vocals)
Because Of You (Gene Clark cover sung by Sammy)
-- "Happy Birthday Mike Mills!"
-- Jeff plays a made up instrumental on the spot. 
-- Spencer & Sammy sing a bit of Percy Sledge's When A Man Loves A Woman. 
-- Jeff fixed a cabinet because a man loves a woman. 
-- Spencer sings a bit of Carole King's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow in a high pitched voice. 
I'm The Man Who Loves You
-- Jeff says that they might do less shows in the future, but with more music each episode. 
-- Jeff tells a story about how his mother used to yell at Merv Griffin when he would interrupt guests. 
-- old school talk show hosts are discussed. 
-- Jeff gives props to Stephen Colbert for his interviews and enjoys the new pandemic show format where there isn't a live audience where they tend to seek out laughs from the audience. 
-- Jeff tells a story about Jim O'Rourke calling him in his Japanese hotel room speaking Japanese saying that he should stop using lotion. 
-- Jeff mentions that he is trying to learn Billie Eilish's everything i wanted. It's her 19th birthday tomorrow. 
-- Spencer talks about his Zoom birthday party. 
-- Jeff talks about a video that Nels sent today of him shoveling snow off of his car. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)


I will tidy up the info about Film Strip in a bit. 

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The Tweedy Show Friday December 18 Episode 131

# animated intro on screen
-- Susie ponders if the Yo La Tengo livestream is still going on. 
Cry (Godley & Creme cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums)
-- Jeff's guitar this evening is a 1931 Martin 018 that he's had since 1994/1995.
-- Jeff says that Mavis Staples has an honorary doctorate, so we should start calling her a doctor. He mentions this after certain people want to take away Dr. Jill Biden's title. Jeff wishes that he had an honorary doctorate. Susie gives Jeff a doctorate of his butt. Jeff says that he graduated "Magna Cum Loada". 
-- "Happy Birthday Keith Richards!" 
-- Jeff ponders how many Rolling Stones covers they've done over the course of the show.
-- Sammy shows off the pic of Wilco and Spencer & Sammy with the Rolling Stones backstage, after Wilco opened for them. Susie wanted Sammy to show it because of his expression looking at Ron Wood. 
Don't Let Me Down (The Beatles cover sung by Spencer while on drums w Sammy & Jeff on backing vocals)
-- Sammy sings a bit of Elizabeth Cotten's I'm Going Away. 
-- butt talk
-- Jeff had an idea during his Uncle Tupelo days for a portable bidet. The Tweedy family briefly ponder selling a Tweedy Show bidet. 
-- Jeff wonders how many episodes ago people stopped caring. He jokes that Brooklyn Vegan haven't posted any more Tweedy Show covers in a long time. Danny reassures them that covers are being posted over in the FB group. 
A Shot In The Arm (w Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps)
-- Susie says that A Shot In The Arm should be the official vaccine song of 2020. 
-- Vaccines are discussed. Jeff wants to get his vaccine w Mavis. 
-- Spencer sings a bit of The Velvet Underground's Who Loves The Sun. 
-- Jeff realizes that he's missed out on lots of cool music streams over the past 10 months. 
-- Jeff wants Dolly Parton to cover Bull Black Nova. Jeff & Spencer try to sing like Dolly Parton singing Art Of Almost. 
-- Spencer makes up a song called "Women Rule", while Jeff plays guitar. 
-- Susie wants the clients to watch the 24 hour Letters To Santa show starting this Tuesday at 7pm CST. 
-- Jeff believes that there will be less shows next week, due to lots of things going on. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)

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The Tweedy Show Monday December 21 Episode 132 

# animated intro on screen
-- Jeff & Susie saw the trailer for Peter Jackson's upcoming The Beatles doc called Get Back. {Peter Jackson is using 55 hours of footage shot for the 1970 doc Let It Be to create a new doc for Disney.}

-- Jeff & Susie give high praise for the Bee Gees documentary that is airing on HBO. 
-- Jeff talks about Love Is The King being featured on Barack Obama's 2020 year end music list. He also talks a Park West benefit where he joked about Obama not really having Wilco on his iPod and Obama telling him that he does have Wilco on his iPod. https://mobile.twitter.com/BarackObama/status/1340386687898312706
-- Jeff & Susie reread the clients' letters and found a gift certificate. The letters made them cry and they appreciated them. 
-- Jeff mentions that he got a voice memo from Nick Offerman while he was out hiking. 
Nick ran into a Wilco fan and recorded the interaction. 
-- Jeff discusses the Jupiter & Saturn conjunction. 
-- Jeff talks about having Spencer when he was 28. 
Impossible Germany (w "this is what love is for" ending)
-- Jeff says that it's a jaguar that growls at the beginning of Standing O. 
When You Wake Up Feeling Old (w Spencer on thigh slaps & backing vocals)
-- Spencer warns the clients not to receive DMs from "Jeff Tweedy" via Facebook. It's not Jeff. Jeff advises that he uses carrier pigeons for messages. Jeff does not slide into DMs. 
The Kiss (Judee Sill cover sung by Sammy)
-- Sammy's high school musical roles are discussed. 
It Makes No Difference (The Band cover sung by Spencer while on drums w Sammy & Jeff on backing vocals)
-- Susie says the clients would love to have a Tweedy Show covers record. 
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover w Spencer & Sammy on thigh slaps & backing vocals)
-- Spencer plays a recording on his iPhone of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.
-- Susie says no show tomorrow night due to Jeff participating in the 24 hour Letters To Santa show. {it’s possible that you can tune into that tomorrow evening at the following link} https://www.24hourimprov.com
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
-- Jeff & Susie both say that they'll see us Thursday. They realize that it's Christmas Eve and ask the clients if they want a show. I think you know the answer...

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The Tweedy Show Thursday December 24 Episode 133 

# Bing Crosby's White Christmas on tv
-- Merry Christmas to everyone!
-- Jeff's whistle is back. He whistles a bit of Loose Fur's The Ruling Class.
-- Jeff doesn't associate happy times with Christmastime. 
-- Jeff shows off the Santa Claus doll that looks like he's either smoking a joint or his thumb. 
Love Is Everywhere (Beware) (dedicated to Katie)
-- Jeff ruminates on Santa's actual size. He believes that Santa is small. 
Sky Blue Sky
-- Happy Birthday Dr. Fauci!
SpongeBob & Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy (The Flaming Lips cover sung by Sammy)
Just A Kid (w Sammy on backing vocals)
-- Jeff says that his longest song title is One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend). He also mentions that he has a lot of songs with parentheticals.
Evergreen (w Sammy on backing vocals)
-- Sammy talks about Beavis & Butthead watching Wilco's music video for Box Full Of Letters. The clip is back on YouTube. Susie says that she's in that music video and Peter Miller might be too. 
-- Jeff tries to figure out The Bee Gees' How Deep Is Your Love. 
Jealous Guy (John Lennon cover sung by Sammy)
-- Jeff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and hopes that people ask for help if they need it. 
-- Jeff strums a bit of Roger Miller's Reincarnation, but doesn't play it as a gift to himself. 

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The Tweedy Show Monday December 28 Episode 134 

# animated intro on screen
-- Jeff shaved so Susie could kiss him.
-- Jeff says that there are lots of women that run the Wilco ship. 
-- Happy Birthday Leah
-- Susie says that Jeff's hair has a flip like That Girl star Marlo Thomas. 
-- Jeff says that he will learn Air Supply's All Out Of Love for charity and try to do it tomorrow night. 
-- Jeff mentions that he might need to take some extended time off to work on new songs. 
"Tunnel At The End Of The Light" (new song) 
-- Susie asks what the name of the new song is and Jeff jokes that he sang the title about a thousand times in the song. 
-- Jeff & Spencer play an abbreviated instrumental of the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive. Jeff does try to sing it a bit. 
-- Jeff wants to work with Barry Gibb.
Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan cover w Spencer on drums)
-- Jeff talks about not playing the same set & having a special guest every night for the Americanarama tour. 
-- Jeff & Susie discuss having relations on their bed while Spencer was asleep on the bed as a toddler.
-- Jeff mentions a State Fair where he avoided stampeding pigs. 
-- a discussion on state fairs
-- Peter Miller has been drinking Ovaltine for 80 years. 
-- fried ravioli is a delicacy out of St. Louis, according to Jeff. 
Thirteen (Big Star cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals. Dedicated to the late Alex Chilton for what would have been his 70th birthday.)
A Shot In The Arm (Dedicated to Dr. Judy who received her vaccine.) 
Friendship (Pops Staples cover sung by Sammy & Spencer w Jeff on backing vocals. Dedicated to the late Pops Staples on his birthday.) 
-- Susie wants to FaceTime w Mavis. Jeff thinks that she could call in to the show. 
-- Jeff plays Stayin' Alive on the guitar, while Spencer claps along. The Tweedy family do their best Gibb voice to sing the chorus. Spencer joins in on drums. 
Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)* (mashed up w Stayin' Alive)


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