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Tell Me the Women You Love!

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On 11/25/2020 at 4:03 PM, Mr. Heartbreak said:

Yeah, that was a great idea. Inspired me to do something similar on my own post! ;)

Thanks particularly for your Mazzy Star link! I had not seen that video before, and it may be the best, clearest, up-close video of them out there. I wish there was a whole show like that.

if it hasn't been said yet, Taylor Swift's new record is very good. Mirrorball in particular is fantastic.

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On 11/26/2020 at 12:50 AM, chuckrh said:

Emma Swift. Her recent album of Dylan covers is really good & produced by Pat Sansone to boot! She also lives with Robyn Hitchcock & has been streaming shows of cover versions with him. I heard the 80s one & it's really fun.


Blonde on the Tracks! Thanks for the reminder, I keep meaning to get this!


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On 11/29/2020 at 6:36 PM, kidsmoke said:


Blonde on the Tracks! Thanks for the reminder, I keep meaning to get this!


Looks like a deluxe version with 3 live tracks has just been released. 






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I've been inexplicably absent from VC for way too long.  Just checked back in today and thrilled to see this topic. 


Here's my list of favorite female rockers/singers/songwriters/musicians. I will limit to currently recording/performing women (sorry Grace and Janis).  My list tilts heavily towards guitar playing women:


Susan Tedeschi (more than a little surprised she hasn't shown up on any of the previous posts)




Sharon Van Etten (not yet on a first name basis :) )

Nora Jones

Amanda Shires



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On 11/9/2020 at 12:15 PM, TCP said:

Great idea!

Most of the women previously mentioned as well as:

Courtney Barnett

Snail Mail

Phoebe Bridgers

Julian Baker

Julia Jacklin


I discovered Snail Mail by accident last night. One of her songs was playing on satellite radio during my weekly grocery store excursion. It was impressive enough that I listened to Lush last night. Count me as a fan now. 

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1.  Kathleen Edwards

2.  Neko Case

3.  Linda Ronstadt

4.  Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee)

5.  Karen Grothberg (The Jayhawks)

6.  Courtney Barnett

7.  Karen Carpenter

8.  Sheryl Crowe

9.  Aretha Franklin

10.  Adreianna Lenker

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Patti Smith

Shilpa Ray

Sharon Van Etten

Heartless Bastards

St. Vincent

Fiona Apple

Lucinda Williams

Stevie Nicks

Angel Olsen


Mavis Staples

Sharon Jones

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Shannon and the Clams

Mahalia Jackson


Carole king

Karen Dalton

Annie Lennox

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These are such great lists! A lot of the women you'd expect to see mentioned, but also a lot of less familiar or unfamiliar names. Makes me want to sample more. I may combine all these names into one master list for reference. :thumbup

Feel free to add any commentary if you want to explain a certain inclusion!

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11 hours ago, Basil II said:

Ok kids...l am back

- Christie McWilson

Laura Vehrs

-Lucinda Williams(album West is a recent standout)

Carla Olson (w/Gene Clark)

To name a few....

So good to see you Basil! Nice list! I'll always have a soft spot for Laura V. because we saw her once, opening for someone, and ran into her after the show. She was so gracious, and took the time to stoop down and really talk with my then-7 or 8 year old daughter. Classy.

7 hours ago, sonicshoulder said:

We were raised by my mother...female vocals filled the air constantly from our Emerson turntable. Carole King, Carly Simon , Linda Ronstadt and  David Gates to name a few.

That's a solid list but I have to question your inclusion of David Gates. 😄

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