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Summerteeth Box Delays

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Here’s what they told me this morning:


We just received the color version of Summerteeth a couple days ago and were shorted what we were expecting. But we do have plans to get those shipped out very soon and you'll receive a tracking number once the USPS scans the package


I’m still waiting for my digital copy of the new Nels album that they told me would come with the vinyl too, even though today is release day.  I feel like their customer service is usually on point, but I’m guessing the pandemic is wreaking all sorts of havoc on their operation.

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Has anyone received a shipping confirmation yet?

My understanding of the timeline:
-Monday November 2nd, Kung Fu sends a mass e-mail, saying that orders will go out in the "next week or so".

-Friday November 13th, I e-mail Kung Fu asking when my record will ship, I'm told the records arrived "a day or so ago" and will ship "early to mid next week".
-Later on Friday November 13th, Kung Fu sends a mass e-mail, saying that they have the records now and look a shipping confirmation "soon".

-Friday November 20th, Kung Fu sends another mass e-mail saying orders will move next week.


I definitely feel for Kung Fu and organizations like them trying to operate in this environment. However, my sympathies lower a bit when I remember they charge WAY more shipping to Canada than any other online stores. The cheapest option for shipping Summerteeth Deluxe up here was $51.50 USD, I have never been charged that much for shipping before even with other large boxsets. 

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I ordered the CD version of the S/T Deluxe set from Bullmoose, and got it about a week ago.


Not to pile on here, but I'm a little disappointed in the flimsiness of the box. It's all cardboard, which is better for the environment than plastic, of course, but mine got slightly dented in transit, so there's a permanent crease on the side that will be visible when it's on the shelf. It's not the kind of damage where I'd request a return--I'm mainly interested in the music--but for the price of the set, I'd expect something a little better.


By contrast, the new Joni Mitchell archives release has five discs and is only about $10 more. It comes in a much larger and more solid box with a beautiful booklet.

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5 hours ago, Madcap said:

Still waiting for my confirmation #.  Very frustrating, but as long as the box shows up in good condition (unlike my copy of Nels' new record which had the sleeve bent to hell and a scratch on the vinyl), it'll be all good.



i just got mine in the mail today. Its in a larger box it should come in a good shape!

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On 12/1/2020 at 6:56 PM, Madcap said:

Anyone else still waiting?  My tracking information showed that it was supposed to arrive on Monday the 30th and it still hasn't shown up.  Getting pretty annoyed about all of this.

Another week goes by. Still waiting, I'm in the UK. Bingo merch have replied to my two enquiries but not with anything more informative than it will ship to me once they get their stock..

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so, despite ordering the vinyl and CD box sets, my vinyl set e-mail came with an mp3 download of the show with the CD.  after going back and forth with Kungfu, they said that was the intention (to match the digital release).  anyway, i can't rip vinyl and was wondering if anyone had done a lossless needledrop of the show from the box set?  unfortunately, there is no download coupon the box.

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