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56 minutes ago, uncool2pillow said:

There are some good songs on this, but it's so uneven it's unimaginable to me that he followed it up with New York.

I agree with you.  Following Rock and Roll Heart, Lou's put together a streak of six good to great studio albums (starting with Street Hassle and ending with New Sensations).  But he made up for the unevenness of Mistrial with New York - one of his best! 

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18 hours ago, Oil Can Boyd said:


That album was my first exposure to Lou and the Velvets (at a time whenthe first three VU albums were hard to find).  When I think of "Heroin" I still think of this version.  

I pretty much wore out my vinyl copy of this one in college.

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15 minutes ago, Oil Can Boyd said:



All of this Lou got me to put this one on.  One of my faves.  It's a shame that he and Quine couldn't get along better.  

It's a shame he and ___ couldn't get along better could be one of Lou's epitaphs.

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By the way, I'm officially done with my (recent) Lou Reed immersion.  I checked out his box set from the library a few weeks ago and was able to plug some holes in my collection.

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