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Sky Blue Sky Festival

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7 hours ago, lizish said:

some of you may know Rob and Crystal Janes. Rob and Crystal were injured on their way to SBS in a horrific accident that took the life of one other passenger. 




Contributed to this will all my heart and limited financial means. If you can too, please accept my thanks. 



There but for the Grace of God go a lot of us; will donate and share.

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Yeah - recognize some of the names on the list.  


Turns out Rob and Crystal's daughter was in a singing group with the daughter of a close friend in North Vancouver. Small world coming together to help. 

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12 minutes ago, chuckrh said:

I saw the go fund me blew by it's goal quickly. I'm sure they can use the extra cash. Good on people who contributed!

Hope to see them at Solid Sound!


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