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Where are you, Jay Bennett? World Premiere, BluRay release, New Trailer, and final Kickstarter

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Greetings all,

Very proud to annouce the World Premiere of
Where are you, Jay Bennett? will be at the Davis Theater in Chicago on November 15th (Jay's Birthday) and the BluRay/Pay-Per-View release will be in April 2022.
But first, we have to wrap up the final aspects of filmmaking: insurance, legal and the sound mix.
So, here is one final Kickstarter, with some amazing rewards and a new trailer. Please back the project anyway you can, send the link to other fans, EVERY WILCO FAN will love this film!

Where Are You Jay Bennett poster ver3-new design-1200wide.jpg

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Wilco friends, Wilco fans, if you find yourselves intrigued and able to support this kickstarter, I encourage you to do so! I have been lucky enough to see this poignant film and haven't been able to get it out of my head in the several months since. Filmmaker Gorman Bechard is a longtime Wilco fan, and pays beautiful tribute to Jay, and to his place in Wilco and beyond, without needing to disparage either side or rehash the difficult split from Wilco. In his deft hands, Jay's story is accurately and lovingly told. It left me fiercely missing Jay, his big heart, and his music.

Support this if you can, and bring tissues when you get to see it. I was in helpless tears, a mingling of happy reminiscences and pangs of loss, by the end. So moving!

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I'd love to be able to attend the screening at the Davis. Another (among a billion) reasons why I wish I lived in Chicago. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this film, and I plan on supporting the Kickstarter campaign when I next get paid. 

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Just added two never-before-seen pieces of RARE vinyl to the Where are you, Jay Bennett? Kickstarter campaign. If they sell, I have two additional copies to offer, but they will be at a higher price.
And noticed the early-bird DVD sold out, so we've added 20 more.
This movie will rock your soul and break your heart...please help us past this final step. (We know legal & insurance is not sexy, but it's important.)
Thank you!
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