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Wilco covers The Beatles

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Dig A Pony and Don't Let Me Down now on Amazon Music. (I assume these are new - Wilco sent out an email today)


Maybe a new cover at the Orpheum tonight? 

Unfortunately, after Wilco Saturday, Phish Sunday, and Wilco Monday, I'm taking tonight off (all three shows originally scheduled for 2019). 

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Pretty solid, which is not surprising. Stripped down Beatles performances is pretty well within Wilco's wheelhouse.


I thought the overall energy of "Dig a Pony" was fantastic. A faithful rendition, but still could feel Jeff and the gang in the Loft vibes.


"Don't Let Me Down" I liked a little less. Like a B instead of an A. I think I'm so attached to Lennon's ragged performance that Jeff's lighter touch seemed to take some of the urgency out of it. The lap steel was a nice touch.

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21 hours ago, gepman said:

I have Amazon Prime, but not Music...


I didn't even see a way to pay to download them...


Am I missing something?


I only have Prime but it still let me stream the songs, not sure if downloading is an option though.

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I was definitely able to purchase both songs from Amazon. The problem is I can't remember precisely what I did in the middle step, but basically, here's how I did it: I signed up for the Amazon Music service, then selected each of the songs and added them to a list or liked them or something like that--that's the part I can't remember. Then when I went to my playlist with just those two songs and played them, there was a little three-dot button thingy next to each song. When that three-dot button was selected, it gave me the option to purchase each one. Once that was done and the songs had downloaded to my computer, I cancelled the service. The songs are still on my computer and on my phone and playable. Again, I can't remember exactly what to do, but now that I've cancelled the service, I can't retrace my steps. I did all of the above on the first day the songs were released, so I'm not sure if this is all still possible but I don't see why it would have changed. My advice would be sign up, play around with each song and maybe what to do will become clear. Sorry I can't be more help, but mostly I just wanted to let you all know that you can definitely purchase these if you dig around enough.

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