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Looks like the Fillmore shows now too.  As someone going to Sky Blue Sky, I’m selfishly very happy that they’re not risking covid so close to that. Hopefully some of the other artists that are currently scheduled to tour in the lead up follow suit.

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11 hours ago, Muzzle of Dan said:

Just received emails about the 2 Largo shows I had tickets to. My emails said that the 12/30 show is now rescheduled for 3/1 and the 1/1 show is now rescheduled for 2/24. Wonder if they will be reversing the order and doing the Tweedy band shows first with the 3 solo shows to follow?

TWOD in theory. The tour hasn't started yet & they seem a bit twitchy about it. They've already done away with the opening acts for the tour which is kind of cool. I've got tickets to see them in February. An Evening with is just fine with me. Fingers crossed the tour happens on time.

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15 hours ago, scribex6 said:

I got the emails too and yes they reversed the order. The first twoshows are Tweedy and band and the last three are solo ones. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get a refund to one of the shows as it’s the same night I’m seeing the War on Drugs.


I have the same War On Drugs problem :(


Looks like i'll still be able to make one solo and one full band, at least.

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