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Wilco - Cruel Country - New Album

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I love Less Than You Think. Maybe for the Ghost anniversary shows!

From the Wilco Store link (https://wilcostore.com/products/cruel-country-digital-download):   The dynamic Chicago rock band Wilco returns with its 12th studio album, the first of its kind. C

Hey y'all, I put together a playlist with all of the new album songs that Jeff has already played on the tweedy show: Wilco - Cruel Country Playlist   There have been a few demos/first draft

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1 hour ago, KevinG said:

when will we learn about the vinyl release.  thats what i want to know



It might take a while.


Jack White recently made a video plea to the three major record companies to make their own vinyl pressing plants again because of the huge uptick in vinyl sales.



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4 hours ago, chisoxjtrain said:

Lyrics and credits are available:



Thank you for posting this! 

I took a brief look at the lyrics to see if anything else was performed on The Tweedy Show. I think “It’s Hard To Get Over Being Used” is The Plains. That one was performed a couple of times, most notably on one of the tour bus episodes. 

I’m also looking forward to some French horn on a few of the new tunes. 

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