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Forum archive proposal...

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As our membership continues to grow, and the number of posts as well, the larger the database for the forum grows.


I'd like to propose an archive forum, which would be read only, and any contain any posts older than say 3-6 months or so. that way the current forum would have a relatively "small" database, and would make the board much more responsive.


now what i'm asking you all is, what type of timeframe would you like to see the archive vs. current forum have?


i'll suggest my proposal, which is that the current forum is any post from the last 3 months, the archive would be anything from 3 months back or further.


if this doesn't seem like long enough, how long? 6 months? i honestly don't want to go back any further than that on the current forum/database, otherwise it won't have much of an effect. do people ever dig up many threads older than 3 months?


this proposal/idea is in the very early stages, as there is not a very easy way to archive from a certain point, and then prune off the rest, yet, so i'm looking into our options :)

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Personally I think that a month or two would be plenty of time.  If you really want to go back to it then, the archive would have all the info from the old posts there right?  you just wouldn't be able to add new posts onto it.  or am I crazy?



that is exactly what i'm envisioning :)

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I'd like it set to 6 months, Kyle.....I often look up old stuff, like photos when I want to make cover art.

Pretty please? :cheekkiss

no, that's just it, you will be able to look up ANY post, no matter if it's years back, or not. just it will be on a seperate archive forum, that you cannot post new posts to. this current forum will be the only one that will only have say the last 1-3 months of posts ;)

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Yea, there's been a few times i've went and looked back, i think 2 months would be perfect for this sorta thing





currently this forum is at 30 days, i'll see how that runs for a while, and if people would like me to keep it at 60 days, i can start that the next cycle :)

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