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I'd like to announce the deployment of RSS feeds for the Via Chicago Forums.


For those of you asking "what the hell is RSS?", well, this page has more info than you'll ever want to know.


I recommend Bloglines, a great online RSS reader, personally.


For those of you who are already familiar with RSS, the links below are for the corresponding Forum/Section. You can customize the number of posts to display by changing "10" in the "&show=10" portion of the URL to the number you'd like to show (please be courteous though, i'd recommend not doing more than 50). Also, if you'd like to use xml instead of rss, change the "&type=rss" to "&type=xml".




Via Chicago Forums > ELT


Via Chicago Forums > Greatest Lost Track of All Time


Via Chicago Forums > Tongue-Tied Lightning


Via Chicago Forums > After The Show


Via Chicago Forums > Reflecting Off Of Your CD


Via Chicago Forums > Speakers Speaking In Code


Area 51 > Lyrics & Tabs


Area 51 > World Locator


Area 51 > VC Tribute Projects


Area 51 > VC Tribute Projects > Wilco Tribute Volume 2


Area 51 > VC Tribute Projects > Tweedy Tribute Volume 1

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